Catching Up

She said… 

The big important things are all great. Shannon’s dad has made it beautifully through two carotid surgeries and is back home recovering. Our time back at home, while being in limbo, was productive: I was able to maintain my walking regimen and keep my diet on track, we were able to get some work done around Mom and Dad’s place,

One of three loads to the landfill.

and we were able to spend two wonderful weeks out at Navajo Lake, far enough away to be on our own, close enough to be back if needed. And the main big important thing. . .Shannon and I are back on the road, after a two-month hiatus.

It seems like every time we break from our routine and our itinerary, it takes a few days to rediscover ourselves out here, to get away from the pull of other responsibilities on our lives, to get used to being just us again.

Our first stop out of Albuquerque and our last stop in New Mexico was at Ute Lake State Park, in Logan, NM, just north of Tucumcari. The park itself was nice enough, but it was packed full of family campers and water sports enthusiasts on the weekend. I know, it’s what I should expect for hanging out in campgrounds in the summertime, but I really relish the Mondays, when everybody else has gone home and all there is are the camp hosts cleaning up the debris and me walking the dog.

Not the prettiest park, but nice on Monday!

The temperatures have been climbing into the triple digits, so mostly we walked mornings and evenings, defrosted the fridge (need some new component in the defrost heating system), and hunkered down in air-conditioned comfort.

We did have one bit of excitement. . .On Sunday night a string of storm cells came roaring through Eastern New Mexico. We kept watching the live Doppler on our phones and around 11:00 we got warnings for 60 mph winds, one and a quarter inch hail and the possibility of tornadoes. This is not the time to be sheltered in a metal box with flippers, so we pulled in the slides, put the cat in her carrier, dog on her leash, and all four of us got in the car and headed for one of the restroom buildings to wait out the storm. By midnight the warnings were up to 70 mph winds and ping pong ball sized hail, but the cells actually moved around us and all we got was about 25 mph winds and some rain. Upside, the lightning show from the car was magnificent.

Tuesday was a travel day, my turn at the wheel. Our route took us out of New Mexico, across a corner of the Texas panhandle, across the Oklahoma panhandle, and into Western Kansas.

From New Mexico to Texas
and Kansas

It was an easy driving day, with long straight roads and very little traffic, no big cities. We are stopped at a beautiful little state park with a small lake and lots of shade trees outside of Meade, Kansas. Right now, we have our section of the campground all to ourselves, just the way we like it, but we know that things will get crowded the closer we get to the weekend.

Until we get caught up with our itinerary in Chatham, Illinois, we will be travelling through mostly rural farm land, so there are not a lot of opportunities for touristing. We did stop in at the Dalton Gang’s Hideout and Museum in Meade and had a little fun in the Old West Town.

Tunnel leading from
Sister’s House
to the barn
Better here
than here!

But for us, it’s nice just to stay home and enjoy the scenery and each other.

Blessings this day: Safe shelter from the storm, a tailwind, a good travel day for Elsie the cat, and Shannon, who fixes things and makes this journey possible.