On the Road Again: More Delays and Blessings in Disguise

She said…

After over ten weeks at home, broken up only by repairs to the RV, we are ready to hit the road again. The winter here has been unseasonably warm and dry, and while that doesn’t bode well for summer water supplies, we hope it holds for another week, until we get out of town. We extended our stay here so that we could continue to help with Shannon’s parents, but we found that when we delayed our departure, their progress towards independence slowed. Once we started preparing to leave, Shannon’s folks started preparations to make things work on their own. Our intention was to help implement a permanent solution, not to become that solution.

When we finally weighed anchor, the first thing that happened was that our slide, the one we had just had adjusted, already needed to be jacked up to function properly, so, since our first stop was in Albuquerque, three hours down the road, we called La Mesa and they arranged a spot in the service lineup for the next day. We were hoping for another adjustment and we could be on our way, but since the first fix hadn’t worked, it was determined that we needed a new slide motor. Of course, extra slide motors are not just sitting on shelves in somebody’s inventory, waiting to be shipped out to repair centers all over the country to fix peoples’ broken homes. Apparently, all available slide motors are waiting to be installed on new RVs, so our new motor needed to be built, and the fact that they tried to expedite the process makes me worry a little about shortcuts in the manufacturing process.

So, here we are, once again in a holding pattern. We have returned to the Four Corners and are holed up at Shannon’s sister’s house where we at least have our own bedroom with attached bath, a quiet place with internet connectivity for Shannon to work, a big screen TV with NETFLIX, and a pack of dogs for our Maybe to run with. Since we have already said our farewells we are laying low so as to maintain our credibility as full-time roadies (for those of you who are local, disregard that last!)

Upsides? We missed the blizzard of 2018, a one day wind and snow event that swept through New Mexico last week. We are having a fun time with Shannon’s sis Teri, who we did not get to spend as much time with as we would have liked over the holidays. And while we are cancelling our reservations for our first month, and losing a little money in the process, we are getting braver about the prospect of just heading out and stopping when we get tired until we get caught up with our itinerary. We have a lot of time before we have to be at our first NOMADS site, and we will have a lot of years to pick up what we will miss in wandering around south Texas.