Ocean Park Nomads – The Next Three Weeks

She said…

We have finally made it to our next milestone, our Nomads stop in Ocean Park, Washington. We are parked in a beautiful spot at the Ocean Park Camp and Retreat Center and we will be staying put for the next three weeks.

Shannon has been working hard all summer teaching two sessions of summer school on line, but I have been living the life, sleeping in, reading, touristing, recreating. I’m actually looking forward to working for a little while. My friend Paul asked me what I was “doing,” as though doing all of the above was not a worthwhile pursuit, But I have always been a “doer,” and I am really looking forward to the next three weeks.

Our “office” in La Conner
Its really rough, but Shannon has to work where the hot spot is.

We have been talking about our travel style lately, and we know for sure that we don’t like the long driving days in the RV, so unless there is an emergency, we are definitely limiting our travel days to 200 miles or less. The other factor is our length of stay. So far we have held it to a 2-night minimum, but I am thinking we need to push it to four or five. Slowing down a little will also help us save money on gas.

So, the fact that we are staying in one place for the next three weeks is a welcome respite.