She said…

In the last two weeks we have been domiciled in three beautiful and nearly deserted Corps of Engineers parks. This is usually a good thing, as we don’t have to see other people’s stuff, listen to other people’s music, or smell other people’s smoke. Even though the traffic has picked up a little on the weekends, there are still lots of empty sites at these parks. Maybe it’s the heat, and people would rather sit at home in their air-conditioned houses that sit in a campground in an air-conditioned trailer.

Sparrowfoot loop A

In all of this solitude I’ve noticed a couple of behavioral shifts on my part. First, I have become hyper-vigilant. When there are lots of other people around I don’t worry as much about my personal safety when I am out walking. I do carry a zapper in case there are loose dogs, but when there are so few people around I carry the zapper for loose humans. If someone wanted to do us harm, it would be a lot easier in a deserted campground.

Sparrowfoot loop A

I really enjoy Shannon’s company. I know, this is a fortunate set of circumstances as we have chosen to live together in a less than 250 square foot metal box. I love our comfortable silences and I love the fact that he’s a good listener to my ramblings even if he’s not really paying attention. But I like people more than he does. And sometimes I just enjoy walking around a campground and greeting other people. This doesn’t require establishing relationships or even engaging in long conversations. It’s just acknowledging that we are all here together in a beautiful place enjoying the great outdoors. Sometimes I miss being around other people. Nice that I can do it on my own terms.

Sparrowfoot loop B

In three days we will be pulling in to our next NOMADS site, where we will be reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and sharing in work, food and fellowship. I’m looking forward to the increased stimulation!

Home at Sparrowfoot loop B