A Week in the Life: A Reflection on Homelessness

She said…

As we get ready to say farewell to our beautiful spot in the “flatlands” of Spring Ridge Estates, I’m looking back on another wonderful week in our full-time lifestyle. We celebrated a personal milestone, the 14th anniversary of our marriage. We celebrated our rich friendships with a visit to Jay and Jennifer, friends from Colorado, in their new home, 30 wooded acres overlooking the Columbia River. We celebrated our lifestyle by spending time together at home. And we celebrated our faith with a group of friendly folks in a new-to-us church.

When we talk to people about what we are doing, living in our RV full-time, we are often asked “But where are you from?” or “Where is home?” Our short quippy answer is “Where ever we park it,” but I think people are looking for a place to attach us to, roots, a house and a community, a home church. We have even had people ask us if we are doing this on purpose, insinuating that our status as wanderers can only be the result of dire financial misfortune!

What constitutes a home? You cannot read or listen to news today without hearing about the plight of people who are in need of shelter, without an address, aliens, and refugees from their home countries. We attach a great deal of importance to borders and boundaries, territory, homelands.

Home is security, safety, food on the table, friends and family. Home is the place you come from, and the place you go back to. Home is where the heart is. Home is where we can find rest.

For us, our RV and our life together fill all of these requirements. Home for us is indeed where we park it.