I Need New Servants

Elsie says…

My servants have decided to take me from my favorite palace and put me into a moving box.

I hate them! They suck!


Thankfully, I am highly tuned to the great catitude in the sky so I am able to meditate and almost see myself in my rightful place. It is at these times that I can almost ignore my servant’s antics.

When I can’t stand it anymore, I tend to put the world back to right.  I increase my gyroscopic organ’s diameter (my servant’s call it a “tail”) and hit subsonic speed. This helps the world reorder itself into a more proper form.  My poor humans can’t even see the difference.  I sometimes feel sorry for their primitive senses.

However, that sorrow fades quickly. Because, just when I become comfortable in my new surroundings – they changed the shape of my prison! And turn on some machinery to make it vibrate and noisy.  I hate them. They suck!

My anger is too high to sufficiently put into words that you measly humans can understand. When I leave my self-imposed exile, I may continue attempting to communicate with you subspecies.20170203_093540

I hate them!