Colder – with a New Problem (Updated)

He said…

It seems that I’m always blogging about the problems with the RV and Mariel blogs about our spiritual/mental issues…  go figure.

Anyway it got colder here!


Okay – not THAT cold… the first picture is in Celsius (for all of our metric friends).  The next picture is what I woke up to this morning (in Fahrenheit this time).


That is the coldest it’s been since we’ve been living in Wanda (our RV).  That, in itself, isn’t the problem.  No pipes have frozen. We still have water supply and our plumbing still works.

The problem is the condensation building up at the tops of the walls inside the RV and then freezing!

Since we put our sticks-n-bricks home on the market a couple weeks ago, we’ve moved the RV down to my parents place and are now living in their driveway.  Yes… at 54 years old I’m now living with my parents!

One of the new things Mariel and I have been doing here that we weren’t doing in the driveway of our original home was showering in the RV.  Back then we’d just walk into the house to clean ourselves up.  Now we’re using the shower in the back of Wanda.

For the last few days I’ve noticed and wiped down condensation building up on the inside of the windshield and didn’t think much of it.  Yesterday, however, I noticed water dripping down the walls near our bed.

It turns out that the condensation is building up near the tops of the wall and freezing overnight.  Then, as the sun hits the RV, the ice starts to melt and run down the walls.

Not good.

A researching I go…

Turns out that this is a relatively common occurrence in colder climates.  I just thought we’d not have to worry about it since we live in the desert (supposedly in a low humidity climate).  I was wrong.

Mariel and I now know that we need to open the vents in the RV while cooking and showering.

We’ve also just ordered DampRid and a Pro Breeze dehumidifier to help fight the moisture vapor problems.

I’m starting to learn to roll with the punches and always keep learning.

If you noticed the time those two pictures were taken (at 4:31am), I guess these little things do still bother me enough to wake me up way too damn early!

UPDATE: Wow… what a difference!  Last night we opened up the three roof vents in the RV just a crack and we tweaked our heating so that more of it came from the electric heater/fireplace.

This morning – not a drop of moisture on any of the walls and minimal ice on the windshield!  And to think we already spent money to get a dehumidifier that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be needed!  I guess we might need those items when we go where it really is humid.