Latest Repairs

During the last few weeks I’ve accomplished some pretty decent repairs on the RV. This is a run down on those repairs.

One of the minor perks of working at a Nomads site is that they generally let you have mail sent to you using their address (most RV parks that we stay at don’t let you).  This is extremely useful when you need repair parts!  And that’s what we did… we had several things shipped to us here at Whispers of Hope Horse Farm.

The Furnace

For the longest time our furnace has given us fits on an irregular basis.  Sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t.  I finally found someone who had similar symptoms as we’ve had on my “go-to” RV forum…  So I ordered a sail switch and replaced it in the furnace.

Furnace Sail Switch

Thankfully, they’ve redesigned the furnaces so that I didn’t have to disassemble the whole furnace to get to this part… it was a quick and easy 5 minute job!  So, for now, the furnace is working again.

The Water System

We’ve also had some issues happening with our fresh water system.  When we hooked up to city water, our tanks would fill up (and eventually overflow). A separate problem (with the same ultimate solution)is that our water pump would run mostly continuously when we weren’t hooked up to the city water.

It turns out that both of these symptoms all come from a leaking 4-way Anderson valve.  Replacing this portion of the valve is another quick job to fix two annoying problems.

4-way Anderson Valve

The Shower

Our shower faucet sprang a leak a while back and, in an attempt to save money, I replaced a single part (the black threaded part in the picture below). Although my repair fixed that leak problem it caused a valve problem!  Great…

Dura Shower Faucet

So, I decided to replace the whole faucet.  In the process, I noticed that I didn’t tighten a fitting properly which caused the secondary problem.  So… I didn’t need to replace anything – just tighten the fitting. Oh well, I replaced the faucet with the new one anyway since we already had it on hand.

The Bathroom Sink

Our bathroom sink has a slow drain.  We’ve already tried drain cleaners and the like to no avail.  It continues to drain slowly.

Bathroom Sink Plumbing

So I’ve taken the plumbing apart and inspected the j-trap.  All clear.  I bought a endoscope that hooks up to my phone/computer and inspected the horizontal and vertical piping which is also all clear.

The only thing I haven’t looked at yet was the gray pipe where the sink stopper is located. I haven’t inspected that yet (I tightened the joints too tight when reassembling the piping and haven’t had the motivation to go back and loosen them up).

The Roof Leaks

And, if you’ve read our blog for any time, you’ll know that we had/have some leaks during rain storms.  Well, I ordered up a few tubes of Dicor and went to the roof to — hopefully — seal those leaks.  It’s supposed to rain the next three days so I’ll find out how well that’s worked out!

The Living Room Slide

Another problem that you might have read about is our slide problems. So far, the slide repair is holding.  To be on the safe side, however, we’ve decided to support the slide when in a single place for a week or more. So we bought a couple supports.

Slide Support

Leaking Sewer Hoses

Not a pretty sight nor smell, but our sewer hose was starting to leak. I won’t give you pictures of this! So we’ve bought new hoses.

So there you have it…  plenty of repairs accomplished all with the idea of being able to stay on the road and out of the shop!  If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, you need to learn how to be one if you want to be a full time RVer!