Out with the Old

He said…

Well we did it again!  We tore out some old furniture and put in some new furniture.  Yes the “old” furniture wasn’t terribly old; but it wasn’t that comfortable and it weighed a LOT.  Driving down the road our vehicle weight is right at the maximum limit!  We can’t fill up our water tank or gas tank full because that’d put us over the limit!

It should be a relatively easy thing to take out… at least that was my hope.

It started out easily enough.  All I had to do was remove the front of the couch and start removing four bolts under the straight portion of the couch.  There were also four bolts under the curvy part of the couch.  After that – nothing was holding the couch down!  Now – if it only fits through the door.

But no!  Only the straight part of the couch actually fit through the door.  The curvy part was 28″ wide. The door?  Yep – 27″ wide!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures…  Basically, I pulled out my battery powered sawzall, knife, and prybar!..  Demolition time was at hand.  It only took about 30 minutes… but I got it through the door!

The mess behind the couch

Once out the door – there was a mess to clean up.  This was our kitty’s favorite vomit location!  Lots of fur! Lots of dust!  Seat belts and, oh my, look at all the cables!  So time to vacuum and clean up a bit.

Viola… the mostly finished product.

All I want to do now is get to one of Oregon’s closed weigh stations to see the new weight of our RV…

…a few days later (and a stop at an Oregon weigh station)… it looks like we reduced our weight a good 100-200 pounds.  And it’s oh so much more comfortable!