Our WeBoost Cell Phone Booster – An Update

About eight months ago I installed a WeBoost (you can see the blog about it here). At the end of that blog post I wasn’t sure if I had wasted my money or made a good investment.

Since I still teach college online, I need consistent access to the Internet. The  best way to get that while living on the road is through our cell phone system’s LTE access.  Unfortunately, that service isn’t available at full strength EVERYWHERE.  Sometimes it’s weak and sometimes it’s non-existent.  I bought the booster for when the signal is weak.

Now… I can honestly say that it does work and has been extremely useful for me.  A few times the booster has allowed me to do my school work while in the RV (instead of having to drive somewhere else where there is better Wi-Fi or cell phone signal).

As a matter of fact, I’m currently writing this blog using my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  That’s not so unusual except that (outside of the RV), my phone is getting two bars of 1x speed!  I’m not even getting a 3G signal in this campground.

Yet when I put my phone near the interior antenna of the booster, that 1x speed connection jumps to a two bar LTE connection.  This gives us plenty of access!

Do I recommend that everyone spend the several hundred dollars to get the WeBoost?  Since we’ve installed the booster, I’ve only used its capabilities in about 2-4 campgrounds. That’s about 2-3 weeks of time in the last eight months.

So… No, I don’t think everyone should get one. Only get it if you need access to a phone or the Internet ALL the time and think that that access is worth about $500.