Rain, Rain, Go Away… (or Waterblogged)

He said…

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, on the blog front anyway, because I’ve been pretty content with how things have been going. Today… not so much!

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know we’re in Texas… and you’ll know that it has been raining a LOT.

So what do all of those pictures have in common?  One answer is – they are pictures of towels.  Heh.  The other, more correct answer, is these are the locations that have started leaking during this last week!   Arghhh!

The windshield has been leaking the longest.  Since it hasn’t stopped raining I’ve not been able to do a thorough search for its location.  All I know is that water builds up between the dashboard and windshield.  So I sop it up with a few towels a day.

I just noticed the leak under the bed (the middle picture) today.  I can’t find its source either… I suspect its from the rain as well and that is the location of the front end of the bedroom slide.  I’m hoping its the rain (kind of) and not a water pipe.

The left picture is above our refrigerator behind some fascia board.  That is where our solar panel wires come down through the roof.  Apparently they didn’t seal it very well!

This will be a relatively easy fix once it stops raining. I just have to remove a solar panel and add more sealant. Until then, I cut away the foam around this location to try to minimize the amount of water that wicks between the foam and the roof.

Trying to prevent water from staining our ceiling.

So… what a wonderful time we’re having in Texas!  That may sound sarcastic… but we were having a great time (even with all the rain).  I’m so glad that these things don’t drive me nutso… anymore than I already am.

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