Hard Choices

She said…

But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.
1 Timothy 5:8

We have been at Shannon’s parents’ home for 6 weeks and our rig has been in Albuquerque for going on three weeks. Our backs are sore from sleeping on a sub-par mattress, my waistline is bloated from eating an unfamiliar diet and from constant exposure to bowls of Christmas candy (“just say ‘no’” seems to have become an unfamiliar concept in my world), we are cranky from living in too close proximity with other people, and we have been fighting the emotional swings involved with caring for an ailing parent.

We were scheduled to be in Mercedes, Texas, at our first NOMADS post for the year, on January 6th, which necessitated leaving here on the 27th of December and pushing through New Mexico and Texas at a faster pace than we are accustomed to. We had the route in place and were hoping that all the car and RV repairs would be complete, and most importantly, that Shannon’s dad would be far enough along in his recovery that we could leave with confidence that they could manage things by themselves. This last was a decision that I was leaving to Shannon, knowing that he wanted to go, but would be no good out on the road if he was worried about how we left things on the home front.

Two days ago it became apparent to me that the situation here at home is not stable enough yet for us to leave. Although we are seeing progress, Shannon’s dad still cannot transition from sitting to standing by himself, and his mom is not strong enough to consistently lift him by herself. Furthermore, they have not been willing to implement a permanent long-term solution, whether hoping that progress would be faster or being unwilling to admit that they may need permanent assistance. I know that Shannon was unwilling to consider the delay in our departure, so I suggested that we skip the January NOMAD job and give ourselves a little more breathing room. We love this lifestyle because we can be out of the cold weather in the wintertime, just not this year, and because we can be so flexible with our schedule. We can adjust our travels to be where we are needed.

* * * * * * *

We have our house back!
Best Christmas present ever!

Shannon’s parents have been incredibly kind and generous in lending us their Minnie Winnie for a bedroom and a storage space for all our food and clothes, their bathroom for showers, their dining room for our office, and their living room for our entertainment center. I know they love me and I love them, but I have so missed having my own “territory”, and although they would never say it, I’m sure they are glad to have their house back.

We have cancelled our first NOMADS gig in Mercedes Texas. Our second commitment for the year is Wichita Falls, Texas, at Whispering Hope Ranch, north of Dallas/Fort Worth. We are scheduled to be there March 10-29, and although that gives us a lot of breathing room, we don’t want to stick around here till the last minute.

Our plans are still fluid. Because we extended our original departure date I have scheduled a minor medical procedure on my hand. The earliest we will be leaving now is January 18. That will give us 8 weeks to get to Wichita Falls, time to travel across Texas slowly, stop at Big Bend National Park, visit family in the Dallas area, and travel the way we always talked about, slowly meandering without a “have to get there” destination. We’ll see how it goes.

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