Friday the 13th: Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

She said…

I’m not superstitious. But when Shannon told me today is Friday the 13th, I breathed a sigh of relief. I can only hope that today is a one-off, not the beginning of a trend. It could have been so much worse, but allow me the whine.

I addition to the slide being broken on the RV and the size of our house reduced by about 30%, my Kindle is dying, and my Fitbit is broken. The Kindle is my access to books and, I confess, a few games before bed, so we have ordered another one. The Fitbit we’ve superglued for the second time. It will eventually be irreparable and I will go back to TIMEX. And to top it all off, my niece Rebekkah gifted me with her cold. Boo hoo.

First of all, route selection. We started off the day taking the GPS suggestion of California Highway 49 out of our campground near Yosemite. This route proved to be very narrow and windy with a lot of elevation changes, and I question, again, the economy of the shorter more direct route over the longer back-tracking one that actually gets you where you are going faster.

A few miles from our camp we got stuck in a cattle drive.
Goin’my way?

Same thing with the campground we are staying at. I made reservations at Island Park, a Corps of Engineers Campground on Pine Flat Lake outside of Fresno. We are here for four nights of dry camping, the first real shakedown for our solar system. But again I have to ask, is the 35 miles of narrow windy road to get here compensated by the cheap campsite?

On several of the passes today we were reminded of Don Lundby, our driving instructor from RV Driving School. We both laughed and said haw he would be proud of us going down some of the roads we did today. One of the things we did over and over with Don was turning corners while watching our tail swing (our rear end sticks out a long way beyond our rear axle) and parking. We pride ourselves in how accomplished we are at putting this 36’ box exactly where we want her, me behind the wheel and Shannon giving me direction from the ground.

And just this morning I asked Shannon to park the car further away from where we are trying to negotiate the RV into tight spaces. He didn’t, but this wasn’t his fault.

The campground here is full of really tight corners and awkward angles. When we found our spot, Shannon was guiding me into position to back in, and I was watching him, not my tail swing. Turns out, neither one of us was watching the tail swing. I took out both drivers’ side doors and the mirror of our car with the butt-end of the RV. Shannon, bless him, did not freak out, but continued to guide me into the space. He said, “Before you even look at the car, realize that you are the only one beating yourself up about this.”

Damage to the car. The side mirror is gone.
Damage to the RV

The blessings in all of this: I did it to us and not somebody else. The doors still work and the window goes most of the way up. We don’t have to get anything fixed until we get back to New Mexico, even though we are starting to look a little limpy and beat up! I didn’t punch a hole in the RV, just some bad scrapes and one light that we can fix ourselves. Any body work needed on the rig is minimal and can be done in Albuquerque while we are getting the slide fixed. Our insurance should pay for all of this, even though we did it to ourselves, and because it is our first claim, hopefully our rates won’t go up.

And, lastly, the campsite we are in is absolutely beautiful, private and quiet with full sun for our solar system. We are right on Pine Flat Lake surrounded by giant granite boulders. Definitely worth the 35 miles of curvy road.

I’m not superstitious. I believe that God has blessed my life beyond all reason. I also don’t believe that just because I had a crappy day that God is somehow displeased with me. I believe that even when we are doing stupid stuff and not paying attention, God has His hand of protection around us. This day could have been so much worse.

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  1. So sorry for your bad luck! We can so relate–on April Fools Day this year we kissed a power pole with our fifth wheel! As you said, we did it to ourselves and it could have been so much worse so we have acknowledged, thanked God for his blessings and moved on. We are scheduled to have our repair done right after Thanksgiving but have decided that we will no longer travel on April Fools Day or any Friday the 13th!

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