Eugene – Again: Solar Install and First Time in an AirBnB

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Here we are in Eugene, Oregon again. This time we are here to finish our warranty work on our Bounder as well as our appointment with AM Solar and our big solar installation. This is a serious decision for us, as there is a lot of money involved, but we have discussed it at length, and after four months on the road it is safe to say “WE LOVE THIS LIFE!” and although we will never be able to recoup the expense, this will change the way we are able to be out here.

Unlike the warranty work on our rig, where we were allowed to stay in our home in the parking lot at night, the solar install involves a complete re-wiring of the coach, and we are asked to evacuate with the whole family for the duration. At first we thought that we would have to stay in a hotel for the four days and three nights required to do the work. That was going to cost us around $150/night plus deposits for the pets. I did a little research and found a pet-friendly apartment through AirBnB in Cottage Grove, just 20 minutes away. Here for about half the price, we have a kitchen, a small enclosed yard for the dog, a place to hang out during the day, and access to the laundry facilities in the house. The installation is taking two days longer than originally anticipated, and our hosts were happy to extend our stay.

We visited the rig once on the second day of work, and the folks at AM Solar have kept us up to speed on the progress of the project every day. When we saw the inside of our home mid-install with wires hanging everywhere, we could understand why this process is so costly and why we would have been totally nuts to try it ourselves.

In addition to getting caught up on the blog, we have been walking every day and watching a lot of really bad TV with an unbelievable number of commercials (miss that DVR!). We walked two miles (each way) of the Row River Trail around Dorena Lake

and I wanted to do more of it on our bikes, but we ran out of time.

There is snow in the forecast, so it is time to think about warmer climes. Our next stop is the REV parking lot up the road in Coburg where we are scheduled for the rest of our warranty work and we can test our new solar system. Then we can renew our journey, headed south for California!


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