Doing Shannon’s Job

She said…

Yesterday Shannon got stung by on his hand by a yellowjacket. On a scale of one to four, four being the most excruciating, a yellowjacket sting is only a two. I know this because Shannon Googled it. The guy who devised the scale actually let all of these insects bite him, so I don’t think it’s fair to compare my husband’s pain tolerance level or his common-sense level to that of this researcher. I was visiting one of the other NOMADS last night and she asked if I had any Benadryl. We don’t, so she gave us some with the instructions to take two, they would help him sleep. It is also not fair to compare Shannon’s drug tolerance to that of any other NOMAD.

Sleeping with Shannon on two Benadryl is like sleeping with a bag of snakes. He finally got up and slept in the recliner for a while, long enough for me to get to sleep, then he came back and kicked the poor dog out of bed, and I had to start all over. Needless to say, neither one of us had an easy night, but when I woke this morning to the dog pacing on the other side of the bedroom door and Shannon was asleep, I decided to take her out, usually Shannon’s morning job.

At first I was just going to step outside with her and let her pee and climb back into bed, but once I was outside I decided to take her at least to the end of the campground, so I grabbed the poo bags and off we went. It was so quiet and beautiful that we just kept going, even though I was inappropriately clad in my crocs, not at all suitable for the wet uneven ground. It had rained yesterday but the sun was out this morning, the sky was blue and there was a little mist clinging to the tops of the trees. It was absolutely magical, stunningly quiet.

When we talk about what we like the most about our NOMAD sites, I always like the new relationships forged with people from all over the country. Shannon always likes the alone time he gets to spend in these beautiful places. It was nice for me to be able to share some of Shannon’s favorite things.

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