Another mini-mod – a WeBoost!

He said…

Since we hit the road in May, there have been a few instances where we had no access to the Internet from within the RV. That’s something I still need on a pretty regular basis since I’m still teaching online at San Juan College.

I can usually get access by driving miles from where we’re camped or walking to a clubhouse where there might be some sort of WiFi. Unfortunately that isn’t always convenient.  So, we’ve decided it was a good idea to make it more likely to have access to the net while in the RV.

The WeBoost is what I’m talking about. It works by taking a week cell phone signal and then boosting it inside the RV. Theoretically, it makes our unlimited Verizon plan a bit more useful when we are on the edges of their coverage.

The easy part was to install the antenna outside the RV…

The WeBoost antennae attached to the top of the ladder.

Then I had to route the cable to the inside of the RV…  the sticky tape didn’t work so I super glued them to the roof.

The antenna needs to connect to the amplifier inside the RV.

I then needed to find a place to install the booster inside the RV and figure out how to connect the booster to the outside antennae.  Behind our bedroom TV was, in my opinion, the best choice.

There were already satellite TV cables coming through the false wall, so I removed the fitting there and drilled through the side of the RV.

The easiest place to install the booster was here.

After I drilled the hole through the side of the RV, I strung the cable through the hole with a fitting.  I applied some RTV to help seal the hole along with using the fitting.  The loop of the cable is to help prevent water from following the cable into the RV itself.

The scariest part… drilling through the side of the RV.

I then attached the outside antennae cable to the booster and hooked up the inside antennae to the bottom of it.

The booster is the component attached to the wall at the top left.

Then I had to drill down through the cabinet behind the TV so that the cable could be plugged into the inside antennae.  This was actually the hardest part of the process.

The inside antennae is relatively unobtrusive to the left and behind the jewelry stand.

Now… does it work?  I seem to be getting mixed results following the procedures to determine if the cell phone signal strength is boosted.  It seems to increase the signal strength by a couple decibels… but I’ve not really seen a positive benefit yet.

We’ve only been in two locations with it installed so far… one where there was already a good cell signal.  This location didn’t need the booster so it wasn’t a good test location.

The other  location had just one bar of 1x signal (not even 3G).  It did increase the signal strength to allow me to text someone; but not enough to actually use any apps that required a 3G/4G connection.  The signal definitely wasn’t improved enough to use the phone as a hotspot for my computer connection.

I’ll keep checking it out…  I’m hoping this wasn’t a wasted investment!

3 thoughts on “Another mini-mod – a WeBoost!

  1. Did your directions say to turn it to find the strongest signal, Shannon? Most of us fulltimers are putting our on top of a Flagpole Buddy…a good 22 feet up. We then turn it to find the optimal signal. I have been turning mine 1/8 turn each signal check, refreshing my phone each time by toggling between airplane mode and cellular. I definitely notice a difference with it being way up there. Caution on a windy day, so the flagpole doesn’t break!

    1. Theoretically the outside antenna is omnidirectional…no turning required. I’ll ponder the flagpole idea, but since we travel a lot…not sure how that will work. Thanks for the ideas!

      1. I’ll have to look back at my owner’s manual, as I’m pretty sure my outside antenna is not omnidirectional, and it did state that I had to turn it. I’ll let you know. You may have a different antenna, but it does look similar.

        Flagpole Buddy is easy on/easy off. It is also fiberglas and lightweight…but it’s also a tad flimsy.

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