A Mini-Mod to Wanda

He said…

One of the littler problems that I have had with our Fleetwood Bounder is the water bay and how it is arranged…  so I fixed it the other day. So far it seems to be working out.

The water bay (for those not in the know) is my term for where the drinking water comes into the RV and where the sewer (gray and black water) leave the RV.  Having the clean and dirty waters going through the same area always seemed to me a bad idea… but there you have it!  In our RV, the bay has a single location that both hoses go through.

I finally found a part that I thought would help me fix the problem.

Wanda's Newest Modification
Our new modification so the sewer and freshwater hoses don’t go through the same access.

In this picture you can see the big hole at the back right… That was the only hole in this bay. The sewer (above the hole) and the white hose towards the left both had to exit the bay through that hole.

I found a fitting that I installed there at the bottom center of the bay. So now the sewer is all that will go through the big hole at the back and the clean water will now be no where near it.

There’s probably nothing wrong with the original configuration if you’re careful.  But it was a mental picture of something going wrong that troubled me.  Now it won’t bother me any more.

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