Blessings Part 2/The Bucket List

She said…

This one is a no brainer. Undoubtedly the greatest blessing in my life is my husband Shannon. And it’s stuff like this. . .

Heceta Head Light House

Last week we were camped on the coast in Florence, Oregon. We went to see Heceta Head light house, but the crowds were so thick there wasn’t even anywhere to park so we decided to try again early in the morning. On the way back to the campground we stopped at a viewpoint, (I could watch the ocean forever, but Shannon, who spent 22 years either next to it or under it, not so much), and I saw people riding down on the beach.

Now, I have spent a lot of time on the back of a horse, but never have I ridden on the beach. In fact, as I told Shannon, it was kind of a bucket list thing for me, riding on the beach.

Be careful for what you wish. . .the next morning when we got up and got ready to go back to the light house, Shannon told me to look at my computer, and on it was the website for C&M Stables, and rides on the beach. Shannon has suffered the indignity of getting on a horse with me once before, right after we were married and we were in Bryce Canyon, not a particularly fun thing for him, and here he was willing to do it again, for me. We stopped in at the stables and made reservations for the 1 ½ hour beach ride at 11:00 the next day. This consisted of a half hour dunes trail to get to the beach, a half hour on the beach, and a half hour to get back.

Granted, in my vision I had lept lithely up on the back of a charging steed and we are galloping through the crashing waves, the wind in his mane slashing my face. But the reality of the situation is that I’m 66 years old, I sold my last horse to pay the insurance deductible for my first back surgery, and I hadn’t been on a horse for nearly 14 years. So I was quite content to be paired with Levi, a 12 year old kids schooling horse, solid and steady. And we went for a ride on the beach. And it was really great.







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