So That’s What’s Making That Noise

He said…

For a long time now there has been a rock rattling around inside our front left tire hubcap.  At least that’s what we thought…

We noticed this rattling on our way home from our Escapee’s Bootcamp back in February of last year.  So, on the way home, we stopped at a tire shop to see if they could pop the hubcap off and get the rock out.  Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful

Thankfully, we weren’t travelling in the RV beyond that time (February) until later in the year (May) so we didn’t worry about it.

Once we hit the road, we had other problems on our mind (think mouse chewed wires in the engine that took out one of our ten cylinders).  So we didn’t pay much attention to that noise then either.

Over the last couple of campgrounds we stayed out it started to become more noticeable to us. The slower we drove, the more you could hear the rattling.  Finally decided to try to fix it; but how?

I pried the center (black) piece out of the middle of the wheel and stuck my hand in there and couldn’t find anything.

The rascally rattler of a wheel

I then recognized the eight “nuts” going around the wheel – not for the nuts that hold the tire on; but as a way to remove the “rest” of the hubcap.  And, I even remember seeing a tool that was provided when we bought the RV that looked like it would remove these.

Unfortunately, when I tried using the tool to remove these nuts – it didn’t work.

After some research on the Internet (yea Youtube), I found that only two of them hold the hubcap on! And, the two that hold them on have little indents towards its base.

One of the two bolts holding the hubcap to the wheel

After unscrewing the two nuts that held the hubcap in place it popped right off.  Lo and behold!  There was no rock.  But out fell a bolt!

The culprit is found; and it’s NOT a rock…

Thankfully it wasn’t damaged and I was able to screw it back in.  While there, I decided to check the other three bolts.  One was not even finger tight and the other two had a good half turn on them with a wrench.

Checked other front tire and had the same loose bolts!  Thankfully (again), the back tire’s bolts were all tight!

Now – no more rattling wheel! Mission accomplished.

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  1. I see that you have a new item to put on your check list before a long road trip and periodically after that. Two items that I carry is a torque wrench for my lug nuts and an air compressor for my tires. It is so good that you found that before it became a disaster. Safe journeys.

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