The Septic System

He said…

Part of our journey to full timing it in an RV is selling the sticks & bricks house. And that isn’t a fun proposition…

Let’s recap.

  • Over two years ago Mariel and I decided to buy an RV and live on the road which was a total reversal of my plans (I had planned on dying in the house that we lived in).
  • A year and a half later, we bought our Class A motorhome and started moving into it the very next day (we actually have been living in our new Fleetwood since the day after we bought it back in July 2016).
  • That’s when we got serious about getting the house ready to sell (it took me a good six months to get the house ready enough so that I thought someone might be interested in it).
  • We put it on the market in January 2017 and had a few nibbles along the way but no real interest (we started thinking we might be full timing it while still paying the mortgage on that house).
  • In April 2017 – we got an offer. Bleh – now the pain starts (I made the house sellable; but I didn’t make it perfect – what was the potential buyer going to want changed?)
  • Home and septic inspections pointed out problems (thankfully the termite inspection passed).

And that’s where I’m at today…

All of the items on the home inspection we knew about which is why we dropped the price on the home so much; the septic inspection caught us by surprise. It turns out that they suggest having the septic tank (think 1000 gallon black water tank for those of you who don’t know what a septic tank is) pumped out every 1-2 years.  Around here that cost about $250 a shot – pricey but worth it in the long run.

Our septic tank?  It was pumped out in 2002. And then it was pumped out this week in 2017.  And there lies the problem… when inspected, the system didn’t perform as expected.

The tank had one pre-dug access; we had to dig out the other access.

The tank itself was still built well (it has about 4-6″ thick concrete walls); but it didn’t pass the test that makes sure it empties as fast as you fill it!  Something is blocking the flow to/through the leach field. This is not an insurmountable problem; it can be repaired. But our closing on the house is supposed to be in less than two weeks. Fixing it within that time – not going to happen!

Mariel and I had a bad day and didn’t sleep very well that night.

Thankfully, the buyer still wants to go through with the sale of the house as long as we have a plan to fix the issue.  And, the person that pumped out the tank is a certified plumber who is working with us to give the buyer that plan!  Yea Lord!

The plumber (who happens to have two businesses: the Rotor Rooter man and Dr. Pumper) believes that the problem is just 15 years worth of sludge that needs to be cleaned out with 2-3 months worth of enzyme/bacteria treatments – about $250 worth of product. If that doesn’t work, then he can add a second leach line for about $2000.

We’ve sent the plan to the buyer and we’re hoping that he goes along with this plan. It turns out that the buyer is good with the plan; however, his lender is concerned – so now we’re waiting to see what they want!

A little barricade put up until the septic system is finished!

More details to come.

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