Countdown Initiated

Photo by Nathan Anderson

She said…

All of my life I have done things on the spur of the moment, including most of the important decisions (jobs, travel, relationships). So for me to have agreed to a two year plan concerning a major life shift, and then to have followed it through to its conclusion, is really quite a novel experience. But here we are, two years minus three weeks away from our decision to sell everything we own and live small, buy an RV and travel the country full time.

Now, I know that all of you seasoned full-timers might think that this is a little silly, but think back to the final days before you launched, whether you had been planning the leap for 6 months or 6 years, the final days require yet another adjustment, a shift in thinking from “what can we do without until next week” to what do we need for the next six months? I know that we are not venturing into a world devoid of Walmarts, Sam’s Clubs, Safeways,  or Farmer’s Markets, but for some reason I feel the need to stock up on the day to day essentials. . .after all, we are not getting ready for a camping trip, we are getting ready for the rest of our lives, and I don’t want to be bothered with a trip to a shopping mecca for mouthwash, at least not while we are getting our sea legs.

So, for the next three weeks we are getting ready to close on the house, which means termite and septic inspections as well as a walk-thru with the buyer, last chance doctor and dentist appointments, haircuts, sorting through the little bit of stuff that stays with Shannon’s folks and the last of our stuff that gets delivered to my friends and family over the next six months. Re-packing the RV to get our weight evenly distributed, a farewell potluck at the church and final goodbyes to friends and family here, a last date night at Ken and Sue’s, our favorite restaurant in Durango, and last-minute shopping for things we sold in the estate sale but discovered that we still need, like a plunger and a flyswatter, and oh yes, a year’s worth of heartworm meds for the dog.

I know that I am forgetting stuff, and I need to remind myself that there will be nothing that we can’t get once we are on the road, or that we can’t continue to live without. It just seems so surreal that in three weeks we will wake up, pack up the RV and head off on day one of our full-time adventure!



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