Last Piece of the Puzzle

She Said . . .

My pessimistic husband won’t celebrate until the money is in the bank and somebody else has paid the first month’s mortgage, but today we received an offer on our house, we countered, and the counter was accepted! We will be able to close sometime in the week before we leave on our Grand Adventure!

We knew that we were pushing the limits of our budget when we decided to take the risk and plan our departure as scheduled, even though we still had the mortgage payment. I have been working hard to find cheap-to-free camping opportunities to make up the difference. My main concern was that we were hitting the road without a fully funded emergency fund. . .no cushion!

I know that a lot of things can go wrong between now and closing, but I am confident that we have been given a gift, and I thank God for everything He has done for us in the last two years as we have prepared for this major lifestyle change. He has been with us every step of the way!

Today has been a good day!


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