One of These Days . . .

She said…

Several days ago, Shannon’s mom asked us to help her take her old Kawasaki Mule up to Durango for servicing. So we hooked up the truck to the flatbed and coaxed the reluctant old girl (the Mule, not the mom) on board.

On the way to Durango we passed the turnoff to our house (on the market since January, no serious nibbles yet) and our local high altitude spot, Mount Nebo, a favorite for hikers, runners, cross country bikers, and geo-cachers. Mom looked out the window and said “One of these days, I want to go to the top of that.”

Well, we were in an oil-field-road appropriate vehicle, and we had our old driveway to leave the flat bed trailer in, so I suggested that we do it today and she could take that one off her bucket list.

Happy Mama on the Mountain

One of my tasks since we have decided to go ahead with our original launch date, May 15, is to plan our route and, since we are still home owners, score as many free or really cheap camping spots as possible. This first year on the road is a little more regimented than we hope to be in the future (was that a “one of these days?).

We have several scheduled stops between our launch and next Christmas when we will be back here with Shannon’s family, and I have been trying to fill  the spaces in between with Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome stops, interspersed with low-cost state and county parks and mooch-docking with friends and family. We also purchased a 2-zone for one Thousand Trails pass.

We have two NOMADS 3-week stops, first in June in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and second in September in Ocean Park, Washington.

We are spending two free weeks at Spring Ridge Estates in Newport, Washington, 35 miles north of Spokane. I attended Whitworth College in Spokane and Eastern Washington University in Cheney and I have not been back in nearly forty years. Shannon and I like showing each other the places where we grew up, sharing our past lives.

We have to be in Coberg, Oregon by the end of July, to do our one-year warranty work at the Fleetwood service center. If the house has sold by then, we will be able to add our solar panels and our lithium batteries, also in the Eugene area.

With all of our traipsing up and down the west coast in the coming months, we will have some opportunities to do the “one of these days… “, and eventually I hope we can say to one another “Where do you want to go now?”

I will remember this day, the day we took Mt, Nebo off of Mom’s to-do list, every time I find myself saying “some day” or “eventually”.


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