Out of the Holding Pattern and Into the Light

She said…

The tenor of our lives has changed. We have been operating under the premise that we couldn’t afford to launch on schedule, May 15, unless our house had sold. We would still have two mortgages, the house and the RV, and with both payments plus our projected expenses for gas and campground fees our expenses would exceed our income, plus without the money from the house sale we would not have a fully funded emergency fund, so if something big were to happen out there, we would be screwed.

Last week we did a re-eval of the budget and decided to go for it. We have enough free camping opportunities, and Shannon has picked up three classes in both the summer and fall terms, so if we are careful with our extra spending, we will be ok. I have been accumulating extra money in an RV sinking fund, and that fund will be used to buy our Blue Ox towing package and our RV GPS, the two things we still need before we can hit the road. And it is time time to get all of these details wrapped up. We are coming down to the wire!

I have been keeping busy working out the details of our route. I have divided the rest of 2017 into legs, separated by the places where we have firm appointments or longer stays. The spaces in between I am separating into drivable segments using Microsoft One Note to list possible camping spots, places we might want to see, recommended hikes and bike trails. We have joined Harvest Hosts and we got the Thousand Trails two-zone special rate, so I am routing us through areas where we can use these services. We have been practicing our boondocking water conservation skills. I know we will get better at all of this once we get out there.

I have learned a great deal over the last two years. Living with less, living in the present, living differently. But I feel like I am starting out on a whole new adventure.

All of a sudden it is all so real, and all of the skills we have been practicing are going to be called forward as necessary in our new lives. It’s a little scary but we need to have faith and take the leap!

There have been a lot of you out there who have been with us since the beginning of this journey. We are looking forward to meeting you on down the road.

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