The Squeaky Fireplace

He said…

Now those two words don’t really seem to go together:  squeaky and fireplace? But, they do.  Many RVs now come with electric fireplaces. And, it turns out, there are moving parts in them which tend to squeak as they rotate.

In our fireplace, there are two places that rotate: the mechanism that simulates the fire and the blower for the heater.  Both of those were making noises since the day we bought Wanda (our RV). And the fireplace has been in just about continuous use since November of last year. I don’t want to do the math, but that’s likely thousands of hours of squeaks and groans coming from it.

I finally decided to get off my lazy bum to do something about it.  It turns out that this was pretty easy.

First thing I needed to do was get access to the screws holding the fireplace in the wall.  All that is needed there is to slide the outer frame up and off of it. Oh – and turn it off.


All there is holding it into the wall are four very small screws. Remove those and it slides right out.


Nice big hole in the wall is left behind. Might as well clean up the production dirt while it’s open.


Need to remove 13 screws from the back of it to get access to everything (have to ignore the sign that tells me there’s nothing to work on inside).


Turned it on again just to see it working with the back off.


Interesting mechanism to simulate the flames… Used WD-40 to lubricate that flame simulator (just above the LED lights) AND the heater blower at the top.

After that it was just a matter of reversing all those steps to get it back into place!  Now there are no squeaks and groans coming from our fireplace.

I might not be able to sleep with all the quiet now.


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