Dinette Mod

He said…

Well… we went and done it.  We started tearing apart the RV to make it ours.

Our Wanda came with the dinette bench seating which also had decent storage underneath the benches AND turned into another bed.  The problem with them is that they weren’t terribly comfortable.

We spend (probably too much) time at the table on our computers. And sitting on those benches started to become troublesome. Not only were they a bit too soft, they were also too low in comparison with the table.

Since we also didn’t need the extra bed and we have plenty of storage space elsewhere, we decided to take ’em out and replace them with something more comfy. Turns out we got a couple computer chairs from Staples (an equivalent chair from Amazon can be seen here).

This is what the before picture would have looked like (I didn’t take a before picture, so this is off an RV dealer’s site).

Source: Independence RV

I didn’t know how to take out the benches; but, really, how hard could it be?  Once I figured out the trick – it wasn’t difficult at all. It was just tedious.  What is the trick you may ask?  The part of the bench under your legs (behind your ankles) actually just pops out.

Once you get that out, all the screws that are holding the bench down are exposed (for the most part). It turns out that those screws are pretty long and you have to be in an awkward position to unscrew them.  That’s the tedious part!

The front bench came out pretty easily.  The back bench had a couple extra items to be dealt with. Namely, there is an electrical plug built into the bench and the subwoofer for the TV is stashed under there.

A little time with a drill and a jig saw made a hole in the back of the living room sofa where I could put the electrical plug. A little more time with a wire stripper and a couple electrical wire connectors and the subwoofer is now under the sofa.


Our new look!
It turns out that, by doing this, we’ve gained a couple of advantages beyond the increased comfort.  The weight difference between the two benches and the two chairs is in our favor… we’ve lowered the RV weight by about 150 pounds. Another advantage is that the place is now more open (roomier).


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