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He said…

People generally complain that paying for plumbers is expensive. After today, they deserve the pay they get.  Mariel just posted a blog that goes into the background of today’s fun.

Basically we had a leak in the tube to the hot water faucet in our front bathroom.  Normally, this isn’t a difficult fix (even for non-plumbers) in a regular house.  However, we are NOT in a regular house as you may already know. We’re in an RV.

So let’s look at where this leak is in this picture…

Do you see any fittings that might leak?  Me neither.

To get to the fittings you first have to take apart the shelving inside the drawer and then you have to get down on your knees and look around that white “pipe” going horizontally… That’s the sewer pipe.

Nope, still can’t see it.

But that doesn’t even help… I really need to move the wood frame above that white pipe.

There’s the fitting! At the bottom of the red tubing.

I had to cut the wood frame off to be able to get easier (which is a relative term) access to the problem.  I really didn’t want to have to cut into the sewer tubing!  Yech.

There’s the problem right there.

It turns out that the “T” connection at the bottom of that red tubing was the leaker.  So I just needed to cut it out and reinstall a new one.  MUCH easier said than done.


After cutting out the old “T” it was time to put in the new “T”… ouch!

This was tighter than many of the jobs I had to do while working on the various submarines I was stationed on.


I persevered! Eventually I overcame the RV Plumbing gods.

And, a couple hours later – it STILL hasn’t started leaking!  Yea me!

The evil “T” fitting!

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  1. Kudos on a job well done, Shannon! Being able to tackle a situation like this makes life so much easier for someone who chooses this lifestyle. After reading Mariel’s description of how you knew you had a leak in the first place, I’m doubly impressed. Good ears, no doubt from being a submariner. 😉

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