Maiden Voyage – The Drive

He said…

I know I’m still figuring all this out; but my first impressions concerning the actual driving of our home down the road might be interesting.We’ve driven the RV a total of about 700 miles and I have started getting an impression.

It is big (doh!).  And feels like it is wider than the road is.  This perception is starting to fade away the longer we drive it.

The most obvious observation – this ain’t like driving the sports cars I’ve had… or a pickup truck… or a church van for that matter.

The actual mechanics of driving of the vehicle is the same as any of those other cars; but you just need to go slower around corners and start stopping sooner.

The problems that make driving less comfortable is the size of the RV makes it like a big sail.  It really catches the wind.  This causes havoc on me in two ways…

One, if it’s windy/gusty out – I have to continually fight the RV to stay between the lines on the road.  This gets tiring since I have to concentrate so much more to drive down the road than usual.

And, two, whenever a decent size vehicle passes us – the wind pressure causes our RV to swerve some.  The pressure of the air at the front of the passing vehicle pushes our RV away from that vehicle (onto the shoulder of the road if not ready for it). So I have to tweak the steering wheel to drive back into the lane which goes against my instinct to steer into the direction of that passing vehicle.

Then the pressure lowers at the end of the passing vehicle which sucks our RV back towards their lane (which I was just steering into anyway since I was just pushed away).  This then requires me to steer away from their lane – towards the shoulder again.  Ahhhhh!

This happens every time a truck passes us.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it… but jeez.

I’m now looking into getting an upgrade to the RV to help fight this issue.  Two companies I’m looking at are Blue Ox and Roadmaster.  They both have systems which minimize these problems…

3 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage – The Drive

  1. That last one is the advantage of a fifth wheel. I used to get a lot of crosswind issues with a travel trailer, but that pin over the axle of the truck eliminates all of the side movement. I don’t even feel semis or crosswinds anymore.

  2. When we rented a 25 foot class C it took about 600 miles to get used to it and after 1600 miles it was no big thing. After backing the first time into a spot those worries went away as well. Gas stations were always a challenge to look forward to -not. Hoping if we end up with something like a 35 to 40′ fifth wheel we will experience the same in terms of getting used to towing it and backing. Will be nice to be able to unhook for fueling until I get better at it.

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