Maiden Voyage, Day 3 Elsie Update, Meteor Crater RV Park Review, Meteor Crater

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Let me just start off by saying, I love this life! I am having so much fun! And this is going to be a long blog, so I will do it in sections instead of making it a bunch of little blogs.
Elsie update: For those not in the know, Elsie is our cat. She is having some trouble adjusting to life on the road. We thought about giving Elsie her own blog, but she has some serious inappropriate language issues so most of it would have to be redacted. Elsie spent about the first half of the drive on my lap, fairly relaxed. She prefers to face the outside over facing Shannon; I think there is less motion in her visual field that way, as she is mostly looking at tree tops  and sky. After a while she disappeared and didn’t resurface until well after we had set up in Congress. My sense is that she has moved from sheer terror to just generally pissed off. Her diatribe today was mostly “Pet me, pet me, pet me” occasionally interspersed with “I hate you people”. Once we are done moving and the house has regained its original shape she returns to the normal affectionate beastie we know and love.  Believe it or not, I think we’re making progress.

Still not very happy

Meteor Crater RV Park Review: Conveniently located right off I40 about 38 miles east of Flagstaff. Behind a hill so the traffic noise is very muted. Very clean, very friendly. Great showers and laundry. $3.50 to wash and dry one load (We don’t know what the going rate is yet. . .last time I was in a laundromat it was a buck to wash and dry). It cost $38 for full hookups, 50amp. We had a 15% Escapee discount. You can get a 20% discount if you go to the Meteor Crater first, but then you don’t get the discount for the attraction. Lots of trees around the sites. We give it 5 stars.
View from our site
RV park in the distance. Going to see the Meteor Crater the hard way!
Meteor Crater: My family lives in Southern California, so I have driven past the turn off to the Meteor Crater a hundred times and never paid much attention. This morning we took a right instead of a left out of the Meteor Crater RV Park and took the 10 mile detour to see the best preserved and first proven meteorite site on planet earth. This is way better than “The World’s Biggest Ball of String”. Shannon was here in the early 70’s and although the crater remains unchanged, the facilities are much improved.
The entry fee was steep ($18 for Shannon, $16 for senior me and a $4 discount for staying at the RV Park) but by the time we were done we agreed that the experience was well worth the money. Our timing was perfect, as we arrived just as the 10-minute informational film started, followed by the first tour of the day. Shannon and I were the only ones there, so we had a private tour with our guide Kathy, who was funny and very informative. The tour lasted for a little over an hour and went about a half mile out around the 2 mile rim and back. A few interesting facts:
  • Even though it doesn’t look like it (it’s called “canyonitis”. . .the Grand Canyon is really bigger than it looks, too), the crater is big enough to hold 20 football fields on the floor and two million spectators up the sides. If you planted the Washington Monument in the center, the top would be at eye level from the rim.
  • When the meteor hit, it sort folded the rock back on itself. You can see where the 3 layers of rock (red Moenkopi sandstone, Kaibab limestone, and Coconino sandstone) are folded back on themselves in the debris field.
  • From 1964 to 1972 some of the Apollo astronauts trained at the Meteor Crater.
  • We saw the sort of trail where Jeff Bridges ran down to the bottom of the crater in “Starman”. Kathy had some good Jeff Bridges trivia.


In the museum you can actually not go to the bottom of the crater and still say you did!
After the tour we spent about half an hour in the great museum, which was very interesting with some interactive displays. There is also an Astronaut wall of Fame. There is nothing rinky-dink or cheesy about Meteor Crater. We bought our refrigerator magnet at the very nice gift shop, grabbed lunch at the on-site Subway, and were on our way.
Next stop, Congress Arizona and the Escapee Boot Camp!

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