Maiden Voyage – Much Better (mostly…)

He said…

Well, today went MUCH better as compared to yesterday.

We woke up and got out of bed pretty late (a bit before 8am) which wasn’t as bad as I felt yesterday… An improvement!

We stopped at the gas station and it turns out that undoing my fix on the gas fill line vent pipe allowed me to fill the gas tank. Yea!

The drive was on roads that were magnitudes better than yesterday’s roads.  Yesterday we took US 491 from Shiprock to Gallup.  Portions were under construction but we didn’t really run into that.  What we did run into were the horrendous portions of the road that had not yet been reconstructed.  One portion of the road, just north of Newcomb, felt like I was using the RV as a catapult.  The frost heaves were unexpected and excessive.

Today we were on I-40 from Gallup to Meteor Crater RV park. The freeway was a nice ride. However, I now see why people want to install sway bars and such on their RVs. The air pressure at the lead and end of an 18-wheeler causes the RV to move a little on its own; not terribly, but enough to make the driver take notice!

We got to the park easily enough… a little more expensive than the state park we were at last night; but it is a much nicer park (which makes sense since it is a private park).

So… an over all improvement!

Oh… and what do I mean by the “mostly…” in the title.  Well, when it is more funny and less smelly, I might share with you my black tank adventure! Bleh… At least I know the showers and laundry services at the park work well!

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