Maiden Voyage, Day 2

She said…

In some ways, we are taking to this life on the road like ducks to water, and in some ways, I feel like we are our own little comedy of errors road show!

We got up before 8, after watching the sunrise on the red rocks from bed, and Shannon did a good job of not rushing around. Our drive was only 2.5 hours today, so we were not in a hurry, just like retired people should be!

Elsie update: We decided that it is OK for Elsie the Cat to hide under the bed. We put her in her kitty backpack while we brought the slides in and then let her loose for the drive. She immediately assumed her position under the bed. About an hour into the drive she emerged and allowed me to pick her up and put her in my lap, all the time regaling us with her extensive vocal range, peppered with phrases like “I hate you”, “You people are stupid”, and “I never would have agreed to this arrangement if I had known . . .”. She calmed down after a while but still refused to ride on the dash. That’s fine, I count today as major progress. Our ultimate goal is this but we will be happy if she is just less stressed.

We are batting 1000 in the campground department too (2 out of 2)Tonight, we are at Meteor Crater RV Park, about 48 miles east of Flagstaff. We are less than a mile from the Interstate, but behind a hill, so it is quiet. The park is very clean with lots of amenities and the staff is friendly and helpful.


Our home at Meteor Crater RV Park


One of the perks for staying at Meteor Crater RV Park is a discount on the admission to see the Meteor Crater, one of the destinations on our list of must-see “world’s biggest” and “world’s best” attractions although we drove right past the world’s largest petrified tree today. We tried to go about 13 years ago, but it is expensive and we were working on getting out of debt, so we passed. This time around we decided to break out the bicycles and attempt the 5+ mile trek under our own power. We had not been riding since last fall, and our longest ride to date was just over 7 miles, but this ride was purported to be mostly flat terrain, so we decided to go for it. We made it over three miles of hills and valleys before I called for a turn-around, thinking every time we sailed down a hill about having to climb it on the way back. I probably pushed it a little too far, but I am working on suppressing my inner over-achiever, who is still 25 years younger and 50 pounds lighter than I. Shannon, bless him, was very encouraging, and even said that he hopes to be able to do as well when he’s 65, but then probably won’t be struggling to keep up with me. I rewarded him by only falling off my bike into the roadside ditch once. I emerged mostly unscathed, just a little dent in my ego.

When we got back Shannon decided to empty and backflush our tanks and had his first black water incident. I think everybody has at least one, and I’m glad he got it out of the way early on. So after hot showers and a light supper, we are going to sleep well tonight.

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