Maiden Voyage Pessimism

He said…

Well, as usual, Mariel’s blog will be discussing the good side (sharing her “feeeeelinnngs”) of our maiden voyage.

I, on the other hand and being the pessimist that I am, will tell you the rest of the story.

We are on our maiden voyage with Wanda – the RV. We’re headed to Congress, AZ to attend an RV bootcamp with the Escapees organization.

Because of my schedule, we were able to leave a day early and take our time getting there.  So we decided to wing it and try to get a site at the Red Rock Park campground near Gallup without making reservations.  Thankfully… that worked out well.  I’m typing this blog while looking out on some nice red rock!

View of Red Rock while Blogging

Let’s start the day…  I typically like to get up and do as much work as I can first thing in the morning. When it comes to traveling days – that means getting everything ready and going – NOW.  I foresee that this is an attitude I must change with this life style.  So, I’m already trying to work in a place I’m not comfortable with. Why? Because Mariel was still in sleeping! (She said… I was lying in bed reading; I am retired after all!) I was raring to go and was not able to.

Turn the stress dial one notch.

Eventually, we got everything ready and were on our way at about 10:30am.  Our plan was to stop at a nearby gas station that had an RV dump, propane, air, and – well – gas.  We were planning on filling and emptying everything all at one stop.  Heh – silly me.

It turns out that our propane and dump stations are on the opposite sides of the RV while the locations for both stations at the gas station are on the same side.  So… here I am doing donuts in the gas station parking lot!

Step 1 – Fill the propane tank.   Completed quickly and satisfactorily.

Step 2 – Fill the potable water tank and empty the gray & black water tanks.  We had emptied them not too long ago so this wasn’t a major issue.  But, after doing another donut… we noticed that the gas station didn’t have a nearby water connection.  Damn… so much for doing everything in one stop.

Turn the stress dial another notch up.

Step 3 – Top off the air in the tires.  I had filled the air in the tires with a little compressor I have (and which subsequently stopped working) a few days before.  So I just wanted to top off a couple tires.  Pulling up to the gas pump and air station… it seemed alright until I tried to pull the air hose to fill up the tires.  It was tangled so badly I couldn’t unknot it.  And I didn’t have the patience after step 4 occurred.

Turn the stress dial another notch up.

Step 4 – Fill the gas tank (not terribly necessary since the tank is about 3/4 full).  As we start filling up the tank – the gas comes gushing out of the gas fill connection!  This happens so fast we only add about five gallons of gas.  I gave up with that… it was going too slow.  At this point I’m wondering if we should leave.

Turn the stress dial up two notches.

Step 2 – Continued?  We decided to head to the city dump station which we know has the potable water connection and also provides water to backflush the black tank.  After getting to this dump station I got out of the RV to go fill up the potable water tank and remembered I pulled the water hose out and set it aside AT THE GAS STATION.

Turn the stress dial up a couple more notches.

Step 2 – Continued – Again – After driving back to the gas station to pick up the hose, and then returning to the city dump station we filled up the potable water tank.  Didn’t bother with the gray and black water tanks since they were close to being empty anyway.

Let’s wrap it up here…

I wanted to:

  • Fill up the propane tank – done.
  • Fill up the tires – not done.
  • Fill up the potable water – done… finally – with much pain.
  • Empty the black/gray water tanks – mostly – with much headache.
  • Backflush black water tank – not done.
  • Fill up the gas tank – partially (only concern left really).

Not sure what’s going on with the gas tank.  Since we’ve owned the RV, this was only our 2nd time filling it up.  I remember having issues the first time because the gas tank fill vent pipe was open to the atmosphere (ie. not connected and causing a gas cap warning light while driving it).  I “fixed” that vent pipe problem – but that may have caused a new problem?  Today, I went back down and removed what I had installed to see if I can fill up the gas tank tomorrow.

We’ll see.

Until then, we have taken a nice walk and Mariel has made some cornbread and chili in the Instapot!  Yummy for me.

Turn the stress dial back down to zero!

Now it’s time to play some cards.

4 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage Pessimism

  1. Oops…sometimes that happens on the water hose. Slow down and breathe, Shannon.

    On the air in the tires, check out the Porter Cable CMB-15. Howard from turned me on to this, and I love it. He and I both replaced the springy hose with a better (and longer) hose. Small, lightweight and powerful. It’s nice to be able to check your tires cold, instead of after warming them up by driving to the gas station. Just remember to not run it when everyone is sleeping in the campground. 🙂

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