The Home Stretch

She said…

Well, it is finally here, the end of the long journey from the decision to turn our lives upside down and learn how to champion our inner minimalists and to condense our world into the confines of an 8’x12’x36’ box and go see the country, all the way to the last day before the house goes on the market and we leave our perch here in our driveway with the great views and easy access to the showers and the washer and dryer.


The last days: We saw Jan, our realtor last Sunday and told her we were ready to list. She made the appointment for Thursday, tomorrow, to come up and take pictures, and we have been catapulted into a flurry of last-minute projects. There will always be more to do, so we have had to draw lines, decide what we are happy with and what still needs to be addressed, and which projects are going to be for the new people to deal with. It’s that kind of house; beautiful with its open beams and fantastic views out of every window, yet full of character, and rife with endless possibilities. I sense that it will never be finished, this house. Some will look at this house and think “money pit” and “too much work”. But someone will walk into this house and hear the echoes of our time together here and see all of the potential, and fall in love with not only the place but with the work to be done, just like I did 15 years ago.

I have loved living here. My front yard is the envy of the neighborhood, and here I have spent hours on my hands and knees in my vegetable garden. Here is where Shannon and I had our first date, romantically setting toilets in the first of many projects we have done together. We have filled this house with love and laughter.

Front Garden
I am closest to the Divine on my knees in the garden.

But now we are ready to be done. We have made our last trip to the box store for trim molding and paint supplies. The to-do lists, once lengthy for every room, are dwindling and disappearing. By the end of today we will have done everything but the final clean-up and the last sweep for the few items left in the upstairs closet to be delivered to family and the last bunch of stuff in the mud room that will either be tucked into the RV or relegated to the church yard sale. The last load of scrap is being loaded into the truck for the final journey to the landfill. We are both sore in places we didn’t even know we had.

Sometime in the next few days we will pack up the RV and move to our next home. We will be docking on Shannon’s parent’s acreage until May 18, our official launch date. We will be facing new challenges as we wait for the house to sell and for Shannon to finish teaching his last classroom semester at the College. We will learn to deal with the issues of establishing boundaries as we educate family to the fact the we have our own house, we are not moving in.

Sometimes it has seemed like this day would never get here. Sometimes it has seemed like time was zipping by in a blur. I am grateful for the richness of this experience, the getting ready,  and the opportunity to chronicle the feelings and emotions which are attendant to it. As I look back over the last two years I am amazed by the fact that we are exactly on schedule. This was the plan, and almost without exception, we have followed through.

7 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. That’s wonderful news that you guys are ready to put the for sale sign in the yard. Hope you have a quick sell. May is also so close. Can’t wait to see where you go first as official fulltime travelers.

  2. Here’s hoping for a quick sale! I remember those days very well, Mariel. Our last photo inside the house was actually sweeping; the last stroke of the broom into the dust pan in the garage. Congratulations!

  3. Best of luck for a quick sale at a good price. The house is quirky to be sure, but such a lovely space with good vibes. May it find a new owner to love it as well as you did. Pauline

    1. Thanks, Pauline. We did a lot of work since you were here and it looks really good. We are highly motivated so priced to sell quickly.

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