Doors & Windows

He said…

Our normal Sunday routine, while living in the RV in the driveway, is to get up and go take a shower in the house. Typically we just throw on some sweats and make it through the cold into the house. There we shower and then head back out to the RV to finish getting ready for church.

Not so yesterday.

Yesterday was different.

We made it to the house and showered, but when I tried to get back into the RV – the door was locked!  I ran back inside the house where Mariel was finishing up her shower with the high hopes that she locked the door on purpose and had her keys with her.


Our RV keys were still in the RV.  Our phones were were still on the nightstands next to our bed. All we had were the keys to the house and to the car!

I went to all the windows I could open from the outside (having to stand on a ladder) and opened them as far as they would go and even removed the screens.  I couldn’t fit through them!  I tried opening the windows that I know I could fit through – but they were locked!

Now I’m thinking… time to get in the car and drive to my folks’ house.  Not sure what we’d do there at this time of morning; but it was somewhat cold outside yesterday.

Then it dawned on me… I might be able to reach my phone from one of the windows that I could open.  Sure enough… my long arms were useful.

One of the unexpected things Mariel and I received after we bought the RV was a free membership to Coach-Net.  And I had already downloaded the app on my phone!  This was rather convenient since I didn’t have access to any phone numbers or membership information since they were locked in the RV.

So… I tried to use the CoachNet app.  And it failed.  I tried it twice… it failed twice!  Thankfully, however, it did show me my membership number and gave me a phone number to call.

I called them up at about 8am that Sunday morning and after answering a few questions… they called me back and said that a locksmith would come open the door with an ETA of about two hours.

So we missed Sunday School and Church. BUT… we got a lot done in our sweats…  I painted a wall. Sanded an area of the floor that needs repaired. And I packed up a huge load of stuff into the car (left overs from the estate sale that we’re donating to the church). While doing all of this, Mariel was working on some of her belt orders.

At least we didn’t let the time go to waste.

Sure enough… within the two hours the locksmith made it to our house and opened the lock in about 5-10 minutes of lock picking (just like you see on TV).  Talking to him, this would have normally cost us between $70-100. Thankfully, our CoachNet membership made it free for us.

We’re not sure what happened. The door had to be unlocked to be able to open it to exit the RV.  And we didn’t purposefully lock it afterwards.  We think that, as we let go of the door handle, a hand hit the locking mechanism.

So now we’ll be getting a magnetic hide-a-key doodad and an extra key.

Ahh – the joys of life!


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