Skunks Are Too Cute

He said…

Kinda like snow is really nice to look at… on TV (I’m not one who likes the cold at all); skunks are really cute when they are elsewhere. What I mean by elsewhere is “not in my yard or on my property”.


Before you get too much more involved with my story… it has nothing to do with RVs. So, if that’s why you’re reading this now…  “move along, this is not the blog you’re looking for.”

I started this story as a Facebook post, but it has gotten bigger in my head. A full size blog seems to be in order.  Here’s the background…

We live in a rural area on an acre of land with just a couple close neighbors and lots of empty land nearby.  With that comes plenty of wildlife.  During three quarters of the year we have deer come into our yard which is pretty darn cool.  One year we had cows in the yard (this is New Mexico and lots of BLM land is used to graze them).  Usually we can hear coyote yips not too far away. Mostly we just have mice and rabbits.  This year, however, we have had a skunk visitor (not sure if it’s a single or a family unit).  This is where our story begins…

A couple weeks ago our dog, Maybe (yes – that’s her name), got skunked in the face about 8pm.  So Mariel and I gave her a bath in the first cold snap of the Fall season.

Maybe – 0, Skunk – 1

She – the dog, not Mariel – still has the eau d’skunk smell about her.    And the skunk has been by pretty much every day… it finally dawned on me that it has been eating the dog food.

I’m not terribly dumb, so I started putting the dog food away and closing the gate to the back yard.  Well, cute they may be, but skunks can dig pretty well.  It dug right under the fence.  Apparently they can jump well too – because it was getting up on the shelf where I was putting the dog food.

Shannon – 0,   Skunk – 2

I finally figured out to put the dog food inside an enclosed trashcan. No skunk is going to beat me I tell you! I borrowed a live trap from my parents; I’m gonna end this skunky business.

I set up the trap near the hole the skunk dug earlier and put dog food (an obvious bait) inside the trap.  Them skunks are smart little critters.  It dug underneath the trap and ate all the food without even triggering the trap!


Shannon – 0,   Skunk – 3

I posted that picture on Facebook and got some great advice from my cousin Kathy and friend Carolynn.  For the next night, I replaced the dogfood with a can of tuna (my wife really didn’t like that) with holes poked into the can.  Now I’m thinking “I’ll get you my little pretty.”

The next morning – no skunk.  Oh and the can of tuna was OUTSIDE the trap and the trap had not triggered!

Shannon – 0,   Skunk – 4

Arghhh!  Maybe the trap was defective?  I persevered! I wasn’t going to let that stinker beat me.  So I set the trap again.  When I woke up this morning – I found the glorious site of the first picture above!  Just call me Trapper Shannon from now on.

It was a little sad; because that skunk IS really cute.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it can hold his breath for as long as it needed to.  Now it’s time to go bury a wet Pepé_Le_Pew.

Shannon – 1,   Skunk – 0

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