The Things We Live With

She said…

We are on the home stretch.  The house definitely looks like we are moving out of it now.  But it still feels to me like things are going too slowly and without direction, so last night I asked Shannon if he would mind if I inserted a little organization into the process.  I don’t actually think that this will make any difference to the way and rate at which Shannon is getting projects done.  He has his own schedule in his head and he works on a job until it is done.  I, on the other hand, do a little here and a little there, and sometimes at the end of a week, I can’t see any actual progress.  So this exercise was more for me than for him.  I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I need a plan!

The other thing I have noticed is that we have fallen into two kinds of labor force. Shannon is very task specific.  Drywall, patch and paint the two-story stair wall, replace doors on the office and my upstairs shop, clear brush off of the back yard fence, stain the deck, etc.  I am the clean-up crew.  I am responsible for going into a room and sorting between trash and treasures, ours and somebody else’s, and cleaning the space so the house is ready to list.  It is easy for me to get bogged down in the sorting process, and sometimes I am in danger of moving somebody else’s future treasures into the RV.  I have found myself standing in our new small space with something in my hands that has no place and no business being on the “can’t live without it” list.  I definitely need a way to focus my energy so I’m not still wallowing around this house in May!

So, today I finished a room.  I took the upstairs bathroom, cleared all of the leftover crap out of the drawers and from under the sink, threw away the rugs, scrubbed the shower, vanity, toilet and floors, cleaned the mirrors, and pronounced it complete.  One room ready for realtors and prospective buyers.  Yea for me!!!


Master bedroom is next, and while it will take more than a day to finish, I got a start on it today.

One of the items we checked off of our list this week was getting a broken window replaced.  The window was broken when I bought the house in 2002, and we have been seriously talking about getting it replaced for the last couple of years, but we’ve just gotten used to it.  The new window looks amazing, and of course is clean, so I will have to clean the rest of them to match.

We get used to living with our own messes too.  I’m not much of a cleaner, not to say we live in filth, but I don’t get after it the way my mother did.

I had a housemate in college who used to clean weekly.  Every Saturday she would tear the house up and clean from top to bottom.  By Saturday evening it was already starting to get messy again.  I found it was easier just try to keep up with it as I go along.

So as I get to the bottom of 14 years of living in this space, I know that if I do something on the list each day, and stay with a room till it is finished, we will come to the end of this stage of prep, we will have a successful estate sale, the house will be ready to list by the time I am finished with my Christmas orders, and somebody will fall in love with it and relieve us of it, so we can get on the road.  We are getting too used to full-timing it in our driveway!

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