Cruising a Motor Coach Rally

She said. . .

On Monday we dropped in on a FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) rally in Farmington.  We went to the same rally about 12 years ago with Shannon’s parents.  Back then they were the RVers in the family.  This time we dragged them along with us.  Never would I have guessed that 12 years later we would be living in our own RV and getting ready to go on our own full-time adventure.

There were about 40 units at the rally, all class A rigs and most of them diesel.  There were also about a dozen rigs parked in the middle for sale, some new, some used, all high end diesels (Entegra, Tiffin, Monaco, Holiday Rambler).  I remember looking at a Newmar coach 12 years ago and being blown away by the marble floors, leather furniture and granite counter tops.  I had no idea!  That may be where the seed was planted.

There was also a small vendor area inside the convention center which is primarily what we wanted to explore.  We got especially good information from the Blue Ox factory rep and a rep for an InnoTech RV TPMS device with show pricing.  We decided that whenever we have to buy something expensive for the rig we will wait for a show or rally.  Looks like we will save hundreds on both of these purchases, plus we got good info on installation.

The main thing that worried me about going into all of these big fancy RVs was that I would have some regrets about our purchase of a new Fleetwood Bounder 35K gas coach.  We were looking at rigs like the ones at the rally, used, and 2007 or older to fit into our budget.  From the prices on some of these, we would have had to go even older.  I am very pleased to report that I saw nothing that I liked better than our little Wanda. . .she may not have the quad slides or the massive kitchen or the huge master suite, or the big diesel engine, but I was so happy when we walked through her door to feel very comfortable with our choice.  She is perfect for the two of us, and the longer we live in her, the more she feels like home.

Shannon and me and Captain Kirk makes three.

2 thoughts on “Cruising a Motor Coach Rally

  1. Good suggestion to wait to see items you want to purchase at a show. Now that we have a little more knowledge of what others are traveling with I guess we should also hit the vendor area at the RV show. Not that we are ready to buy but just to see what the prices are compared to what you get for the money.

    Good to see your rig selection is turning out to be what you expected. Especially that you did not see something else that would have worked better!

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