The Mouse

He said…

Well, we’ve been living in the RV (in the driveway) for about three weeks now and have recently (within the last few days) taken on a boarder.

Our first indication that we had something living with us were the mouse droppings found in the silverware drawer (kinda makes your stomach flip-flop a little). THEN we started hearing him/her/them skittering around behind some of the drawers at night.

So… not being new to these furry little fiends, it was time to bring out the traps.

Fade to black… and back to the past…

I once took in a car to have the oil replaced.  And, the people there did what they do. They not only took care of the oil; but also cleaned out the air filter for the cab of the car.  They were so surprised, they brought it to me in the waiting room – not the air filter but the whole air box (the component that the air filter sits in).

Within that box was about 2-3 cups of dog food and the remains of a mouse nest!

Back to the present…

Our new boarder must be rascally rats – because we had no luck “capturing” (that’s the polite way of saying “killing) the bastids.  Started thinking about breaking out the poison, but really don’t like that idea since we have a cat.

Fade to black… and back to the past…

Our cat, Elsie, likes mice. They are very friendly and she feeds them (or allows them to eat her food).  While living in the sticks-n-bricks home we’d even occasionally come home to find that Elsie had given the little mice a bath.  She wouldn’t kill them; she would put them in the bathtub where they’d be trapped and I’d have to deal with them!

Back to the present…

The cat still doesn’t seem that interested in our new boarders except that, occasionally, she’ll play hide-n-seek with them.  The mice always hide and the cat always seeks; but that’s it – no blood, no ridding the house of pests, just playing games…   Yeah – a useful cat!  Please note the sarcasm.

Yesterday, Mariel was showing the RV to a friend and was excited to show her the storage behind the TV.  The TV is mounted on a drawer such that when you pull the right side of the TV it opens into a storage area.


Lo and behold, Mariel found a couple handfuls of dry cat food in the area behind the TV. Her first thought?  “Why is Shannon putting cat food back here?”


Well, now we knew where the boarders’ dining room is located. So, I set up a trap and “caught” a mouse last night.  I’m hoping it is the only boarder; but know it is not.

Just another fun bit of RV living (or any kind of living for that matter)!

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