The Bed…

He said…

We’ve been sleeping in Wanda, the RV, (living in it actually) since we brought it home! Since we’re just in our driveway we get what we need from the house when we need it. And, when we find we don’t have room, we put it back in the house for the ultimate garage/estate sale that we’ll be having later this year. But I digress…

One of the things that we were worried about is the bed; I guess Mariel and I are both a bit picky with the type of mattress we sleep on.  Luckily for both of us we like the same kind of mattress: firm.

The mattress that came with the RV was okay (for me slightly better than just okay); but it was giving Mariel a bit of a shoulder ache.  We bought a Serta mattress from Sam’s Club a few years back and have enjoyed it immensely in our sticks-n-bricks bedroom and we were hoping that we could just move it into the RV.

Unfortunately, “king size” beds in an RV aren’t the same as regular “king size” beds!  Who knew? Not us.  Regular king size beds are 76″ x 80″ while RV king size beds are 72″ x 80″. So we lost hope in that we wouldn’t be able to use our old bed in the new RV.  So lately we’ve been looking at replacing it with a memory foam mattress like we had in our sticks-n-bricks bedroom.

But then we read a blog or forum comment about someone taking a carving knife to a bed to make it fit in an RV!  And, I’m just hillbilly enough to try it.

I will finish this story with pictures only!

This is the good mattress – but too wide!
So I cut it down to size with a knife.
Getting it down the stairs was easy – gravity helped.
Moving the old mattress was a pain – it has NO support and was like pushing a wet noodle.
Had to move the new one out to get the old one in.
Using a tarp to pull the mattresses made it a lot easier.
The old mattress was to firm to fit through the door easily.
Which is why it fell out of the door…
I prevailed – and got it in!
And it’s still a tight fit.
Finally got it done.
A VERY tight fit when the slide is in.
All I have to do to finish is cut off a corner so access to the bathroom is roomier!

4 thoughts on “The Bed…

  1. Oh – and where was Mariel during all of this? Santa Fe working at the store that sells her belts (Silver Sun) during Indian Market weekend! I did it all myself and didn’t really break any major bones.

  2. Haha! Great story. Love it. We switched out our mattress in the RV, too. It’s a bit longer than expected, but oh so much comfier. Glad you were able to make the switch without too much trouble. I hope Mariel experiences fewer aches.

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