First Week, New Home

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On Monday we traveled the three hours south to Albuquerque to pick up our new Fleetwood Bounder 35K.  Shannon has already written extensively about the trip home:  I want to share a little about our first night.

First of all, because we went a little over budget with the RV and would still like to hit the road in May as close to debt-free as possible, I decided that if the school district offered me a full-time long-term substitute position I would take it.  Well, I got the call on the way down to Albuquerque, and reported to work first thing Tuesday morning.  Of course this means getting home tired every night and still keeping up with my custom belt orders and all of my other commitments, so there is a trade-off.  But for right now, I think it is a good thing, as my remarkable husband spent all day in the RV checking out every system, and organizing all of the manuals (those of you who have done this know that there is a separate manual and set of instructions for everything in that giant box!) into a binder system, and he’s managed it beautifully without all of my helpful suggestions!  Last night when I got home there was an office set up in the cockpit section, a bottle of champagne chilling in the giant residential fridge, and the bed was made so we could spend our first night in our new home.

. . . . .

Here it is Friday already.  I’m done with my orientation week.  I’m full up with team building and teacher’s manuals and duty schedules.  I’m ready for kids on Monday.

Every night this week I have come home and moved a few more things into the RV.  We have had dinner there and slept in our new bed.  I’m not cooking in our new kitchen yet and it seems to me that the kitchen may be the hardest room to move, simply because it is the area with the least expansive storage in the RV, and although I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, the kitchen is probably where I have the most work left to do.

The mattress . . .not as bad as I feared (the cat loves it!), but we have a king size Sealy foam upstairs in the house that I’m in love with, and I’m committed to trying to get it down stairs and into the RV before we spend the money for a new one.  It is, however, one of those things that you simply can’t put back in the box.

Upon closer examination, the king in our old room certainly looks bigger than the king in our new room.  Thankfully, we measured before we wrangled that big sucker down the stairs, because it is, indeed, 6” wider.  The mattress that came with the RV is starting to look pretty good!  The cat was right all along – go figure.

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