We Got Her Home

He said…

Well, we went and picked up our new RV / Home from La Mesa RV in Albuquerque. Unfortunately our salesman, Stacey, wasn’t there for us to say thank you.  But all of the people there were very nice – even when we got a bit picky on some of the fixes we wanted before the final delivery.

Our inaugural drive was fun (said sarcastically)… we each decided to drive it one half the way home (about 2 hours driving for each of us).  And I got to go first. So, what happens?  A windy thunderstorm hits just about the time we’re leaving which just happened to be during rush hour traffic!

Yep – that was my first drive: rush hour traffic in the rain with wind. And two accidents on the freeway within five miles!  My knuckles weren’t white – but I wasn’t really listening to what Mariel was saying during this time… I was a bit too focused.

Eventually we got out of Albuquerque and the rain and the wind! Yea for me.

A Ferrari she is not; she is a big honking box going down the road at 65mph. So getting used to the driving was a bit interesting. And, surprisingly, there was only one squeak that was annoying the snot out of us. Mariel tried to find it but couldn’t.

On a side note: At one time I was talking about getting the Fleetwood Bounder to a friend and the Fl and the ounder joined up together.  It still does – Flounder is what I thought we might name this RV.  But that doesn’t seem very polite!  Mariel came up with a better name: Wanda.  Since our blog is “Wandering With Us” we thought Wanda works out great!

We’ve seen on several blogs/vlogs that the women folk don’t get to (or want to) drive the rig.  Mariel and I have always known that she would need to get the experience right away. Once we got to our halfway point, we swapped out driving & passengering. Mariel took the helm and I took the search and destroy (the squeak) mission.

She did great on the driving and even took it into my parents’ driveway and did a 3 point turn to get it back out of the driveway! While we were moving down the road, I found and killed the squeak (which was coming from the range hood).

To make a long story short (too late I know)… we made it home after a long day!

Wanda sitting in our driveway!

6 thoughts on “We Got Her Home

  1. Congratulations!!! Little bit jealous, but sooo happy for you. Wanda looks to be a happy little fish sitting there in the driveway 🙂 Happy trails to you. Pat K

  2. Fantastic! You guys have to be happy – happy – happy! How many times did you walk back to the driveway and into your new home after you parked it?

    Wanda is a good name, check that one off your list.

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