Not My Best Week

She said…

Well it’s been a whirlwind week, crowded with frustrations, schedule changes, not-so-subtle reminders, budget stress, and culminating with an unexpected major purchase.

In a previous blog I talked about how we had decided to refinance the house so that we could access some of the equity now and also reduce the payment.  This way we could afford what is essentially another mortgage payment and go ahead with the RV purchase for our upcoming full-time adventure.  Well, after waiting FOREVER (about a month) for the appraisal and subsequent paperwork, we finally closed on Friday July 21st.  I have never done a refi before where there was a payout, and the last time I sold a house I seem to remember leaving the title company with a check in my hand.  So I made plans and rearranged my schedule for the following week confident in the fact that we would be fully funded and be able to complete some major purchases, plus have $10,000 in hand for the down payment on our new home on wheels.

Well, first of all, there was the mandatory three-day recension period for people who can’t make up their minds.  The lady at the title company told us we wouldn’t have funds until Tuesday.  Bummer. . .so I grumpily rearranged my schedule again and hunkered down for the LOOONNNG wait till Tuesday.

Tuesday came.  It was Shannon’s birthday, so we went for a nice bike ride first thing in the morning and planned lunch with family in Farmington, assuming that the most important thing the title company had on their schedule for the day was cutting us a check, right?  So it should be ready for us as soon as they opened, right?

Well, when we called at 10 a.m. they told us that the three days wouldn’t be over till midnight, so we wouldn’t have money till Wednesday.  AARRGGHH!!!  Rearranged schedule again and cancelled dinner plans in Albuquerque.  By this time I’m starting to drive Shannon crazy with my sighing and moping, alternating with my tirades against government regulations.  I’m also not taking advantage of all this extra time to get actual work done.  Always helpful, Shannon suggested that this was all God’s way of telling me to slow the heck down (not his exact words).


Comes Wednesday, and I very patiently (not so much) waited until 11 a.m. to call the title company.  I got a long explanation of how the lender still hadn’t wired them the funds and then they had to file it before they could cut us a check yada yada yada.  Probably not till after 4.  After the banks are closed.  Now there is steam coming out of my ears and my eyeballs are about to explode.  So I called our loan officer at the bank and she lit a fire under somebody, because we got the call that our check was ready at 2:30.  YEAH!!!  Finally, some movement in the right direction!

So, with our funds in hand we were ready to deposit them in the bank and get on about the business of spending some and paying off the car and stashing the down payment in the savings account. . .but the bank would only let us access $400 of it, and the rest would not be available until Thursday.  Now there is a face-shaped dent in the dash board of our car and my spirits have plummeted once again.

Note: None of my histrionics and overreactions this week have in any way helped expedite this process or affected the eventual outcome.

Lessons to be learned:   We are embarking on a spontaneous lifestyle that can be affected by weather, road hazards, mechanical breakdowns and acts of whimsy.  When we are on the road full time, I really need to get used to things not always going according to my plans!

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  1. I’m the same way. Perhaps running into small problems are just an opportunity to practice being easy going? Or by definition to be able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

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