Blogging Purpose & Amazon Affiliate

He Said…

Mariel and I started this blog over a year ago as a way to help us process our thoughts concerning this upcoming transition to a full timing RV life. And, so far, it’s been helpful!

A secondary purpose (which is likely going to become the primary purpose) was to keep our family and friends informed of our actions and what we’ve been doing or are planning on doing.

A tertiary (oooh – don’t get to use that word often) purpose was to introduce ourselves to the rest of the world and to help us meet new friends.  This has been fun in itself as we started following other bloggers/vloggers and they’ve started following us!  Thank you.

A fourthiary (okay – made that one up)…

Dang – had to look it up…

A quaternary purpose came to mind recently.  Maybe we can make a little bit of money on the side with this whole blogging/vlogging thing.  We follow several blogs that are very fun and interesting and those people make a little money with their words of wisdom – so maybe we can too. We are NOT out to make a living like some folks are able to do; but if we can make enough to go on an extra date a month that would be nice!

So… I’ve set us up as an Amazon Affiliate.  Basically, that just means that we get a little commission whenever someone buys something from Amazon if they got there from one of our links.

In our blogs we may tell you about something we bought or are using and then link to that product’s page at Amazon.  For example, we decided to go with the Thule 990XT bike rack  (you can see it in a video we made) to haul our new bikes around using the Honda.  That link takes you to Amazon.  IF you buy it – we get a commission.

Here’s the kicker… even if you don’t buy that but you do go to another page within Amazon and buy something else – we still get a commission on what you bought.  This has already happened.  Someone reading our blog bought a couple Kindle Fires (we have NO link to those) and we’re receiving a little bit of money.

Lastly, we’re not asking anyone to buy anything they don’t need or weren’t planning on buying anyway.  But if you DO buy something from Amazon… and you want to help us out a little… use one of our links to get there!

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