One Hurdle Complete – The Loft

He said…

Getting the house ready for putting it on the market has been one of my nightmares. Why? Because I’m a bit (okay… a lot) lazy.  Mariel and I have been living with an imperfect house.  For several years there’s been these “honey do” and “I need to do” lists floating around in my head.  Things that… probably… normal people would not live with.

One of the major areas (notice I just said “one”) is the loft in our house.  It was where of our library was kept. We had a lot of books and book shelves lining the walls.

Loft: before
Some of the Library

When we decided to sell everything and hit the road full time in an RV that all changed. We boxed up the books and disassembled the shelves. We then started using the area for the storage location for everything we needed to get rid of.

The Armpit …aka The Loft

Eventually all of that was donated to our church and the floor cleared out… for a short time.  I then filled it up with all sorts of tools and materials.

No Consistent Wall Type

If you notice, there were no really consistent type of wall.  At the right of the top picture above you’ll see the back sides of the logs that make up the outside of the house. Then to the left of that is some drywall.  To the left of that (seen in the right size of the bottom picture) you can see that there is a corner of tongue and groove which is hiding some vent piping. To the left of that (behind that linen shelf) is the front side of the logs.  Just weird!

I decided that the walls (at least that particular wall) should be consistent throughout. So I framed, insulated, drywalled, and painted it.

Also the floor of the loft showed at least 13 years (probably more) of wear and tear. And Mariel helped out A LOT by staining the floor.

Before and After the Staining

The last thing that truly needed fixed in the loft was the first thing I should have fixed 13 years ago! The railing.  It was so poorly constructed that it was dangerous!  And, after just a few dollars of materials and about two hours of work – I can confidently lean against it without fear of falling to the first floor!


Heh… Brad Pitt I’m not.  No script did I read.  Grammar I know not.  But hey, if you ignore the caterwauling in the background, I think I summarized my Loft Project in this Youtube video!

3 thoughts on “One Hurdle Complete – The Loft

  1. Funny how we can all put off fixing something that turns out to take a couple hours to do after thinking about doing if for more than a couple hours. The loft looks great! The trim on the bottom of the drywall really ties it in with the rest of the space. Good call!

    Our cat, Frank, does the same thing. He meets me in the driveway when I get home from work and lets me know it’s time to pick him up.

    Ten months to go for you guys. Wow, that has to be exciting. I’m trying to get motivated myself to get a few things done. Seems like stuff breaks faster than I can fix it.

  2. Shannon, you aren’t alone in having a space that defies managibility. We lived that life where our work consumed our ability to enjoy the home we were living in. Life in our working years isn’t conducive to maintaining our homes, and the more space we have, the more clutter we tend to attract. Once the job, stuff and house are gone, you will be amazed how much your stress level goes down. It really is a wonderful experience, especially when the tires clear the driveway. 🙂

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