Teaching Old Dogs Old Tricks and Other Mixed Metaphors

She said…

Isn’t there a saying about elephants never forgetting how to ride a bike?  I’m here to tell you, that one is patently untrue!

My parents loved having a view, so growing up we always lived on some kind of hill.  The oldest vibrant memories I have of bicycle games is from when I was less than 10 years old, because we still lived on the hill in Burbank, California.  We used to push our bikes up the hill and ride down at terrifying speeds to do a sharp left into the driveway and a slow 180 in the garage.  This was well before the days of helmets and body armor.

Flash forward more than 50 years, more than 50 pounds, and numerous failing and already replaced body parts to Mariel and Shannon buying their new bicycles for their new full-time RV lifestyle.  With the confidence of one oblivious to the passage of time and the ravages of aging, I trotted my new steed out to the parking lot of the bike store for a test run while Shannon was fine tuning his seat adjustments with our helpful friendly sales guy Mike.  I can’t even tell you what happened (did I forget to put my foot down?) but all of a sudden I was on the hot blacktop under the bike.

It was as easy as falling off a bike!

Things I’m grateful for:

  • The cushioning provided by my prone body prevented my getting any scratches on my beautiful new bike.
  • Shannon was more concerned with helping me up than with catching the whole incident on film.

When you get bucked off, always get back on the bicycle.

So, undeterred, we brought those bikes home and this morning we went on our first (albeit short) ride.  My difficulty seems to be in the starting and stopping, for once I am up and moving forward I am truly Lance Armstrong on naproxen sodium.

So, I will pay attention to every move, just like learning to walk again after my foot surgery. I will learn how to do this as a 65 year old woman with the memories of a 10 year old. I will conquer my fear of falling over.

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