The Tipping Point and Happy Anniversary to Us!

She said…

I’m sure that everybody who has gone through this exercise of purging, of divesting of stuff, comes to a point when they realize it is really happening, that there is a big enough dent in the clutter that it becomes real.  This point came for me today.

Last week we were visited by lots of friends and family from both sides and I was able to sell and gift a lot of art, pots, and other treasures.  Today we cleaned off the big 2-story wall going up the stairs, formerly the home of my “cowboy collection”, my old spurs, chaps, and horsehair ropes, and the room looks bare.  20160705_094222The house is starting to echo!  I even started a SMALL box of things I want to keep for the RV.  So the separation of “keep” stuff and “get rid of it” stuff has begun in earnest.  When I go into my shop, which has to stay intact until Christmas, it feels almost oppressive with clutter.

In stark contrast to all of this dramatic purging, I (we) have been shopping for things for our new full-time RV life.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a Cuisinart Griddler, for those times when we are boondocking, powering off of solar and don’t want to use propane.  We have cooked pancakes, French toast, Panini sandwiches, steak and chicken on it so far, and we really like it even better than the grill.  Especially nice for not heating up the house while it is so hot outside.

The biggest leap toward the new lifestyle is our bicycles.  We live on top of a very steep hill, and while we walk a lot, we have never gotten bicycles because getting home from a ride always involves such a steep incline.  However, we have been planning to invest in bikes and decided to do it for our anniversary, which comes around this week.  We also made the appointment to get a hitch put on the car and bought the locking bike rack.

For so long it seemed like time was crawling, that we were so bogged down in work and life that we weren’t ever going to get to launch, that we were some of those people who talk a big game but never actually do anything.  But now we are starting the downhill slide, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.


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