Relative Advantages

She said…

This has been a big week for visiting family and we took full advantage of the opportunity to do some extra purging.

I had already set aside a set of dishes for my sister and my big slab turquoise bracelet and some books for my niece, and while they were here we went through the house looking for more stuff that belonged to our parents or had extra meaning for any of us.  I had a stack of big fine art that I was going to try to take to Santa Fe for an estate sale, and happily, most of that found homes with my sis and brother in law and my niece.  Now I can visit it and still enjoy it!  They also took a set of glasses that belonged to my grandmother, a big temple bell that was a gift from my parents, and a couple of houseplants.  My niece Sarah picked out two small Mata Ortiz pots for herself and one for each of her brothers.

California Bound

I felt wonderfully lightened after they left, and many of my special things have now become family heirlooms.  And I will still be able to visit them in their new homes.

But wait. . .it gets even better!  Shannon has aunts, uncles and cousins visiting from Texas, and this afternoon they descended on us with the intention of going through our growing future yard sale pile in the garage.  But before we even made it downstairs, Shannon’s cousins bought two antique trunks out of the living room and lots of tchotchkes off the walls.  The girls all gathered downstairs to go through my jewelry and I am lighter by lots of costume pieces as well as a large sterling cross with a turquoise stone and handmade beads and quite a few pairs of sterling earrings.  Plus we have a little jingle in our pockets!

The big takeaways:

  • Even if I might be able to get more money from something down the road, it is a lot easier to sell something for less to someone who is already standing in my living room with desire in their eyes and money in their hands.
  • I am feeling a wonderful sense of relief at not having to find a profitable market for some of the fine art, pots and rugs.
  • Gifting special things to special people is a wonderful way to de-clutter!

3 thoughts on “Relative Advantages

  1. What to do with our artwork is the hardest decision. We spent so many years putting together the right art with the right frame. Thinking we might be able to reproduce some of it later or maybe once we go full time it will not longer matter. Every time I look at a piece on the wall it brings back good memories.

    1. Hi Mark, I’m finding that finding good homes with people I love is easier than trying to sell it. . nobody else seems to think any of my stuff is worth as much as I do!

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