South Texas RV Supershow

He said…

We’ve been back a few days now from our trip to San Antonio and the South Texas RV Supershow.  What fun it was – except for the weather!

Although we’re trying to not spend money… it turns out we had enough points with our Best Western account to get a free night. And, with enough points on a credit card, $175 worth of Best Western gift cards.  So, we were gone for several days and paid for one night at a hotel! Not bad really.  Of course, throw in the food and gas it came out to more; but we were still under our $450 budget for the trip!  Now, if it just wasn’t for the sucky weather while we were there.

We weren’t sure what it was going to be like; but we had hopes that we’d see some good Class A RVs (the big motorhomes). And, thankfully, we did. Even better, Ancira RV had some Tiffins there which was great because that’s currently our top choice for manufacturer for our new home.  Another great thing was that there was a Tiffin rep there and Mariel bent his ear a bit… but I’ll leave that for her to blog about.

2016 Allegro RED – our current model of choice for our new home (not the year though – we’re looking for used)

We also attended a few seminars, a couple by Escapees and one by an NRVIA rep.  These had some pretty interesting information to help first time buyers. And, although we’ve owned an RV (specifically a 5th wheel) in the past, it was still helpful.

One thing that caught our attention with the Escapees seminars was that it seemed to be more about community helping community.  And that appeals to us. Another item was the training they provide people through their bootcamp program.

The RV bootcamp basically takes a concentrated three day approach to discuss everything RV for new owners. Including such topics as driving safely, maintenance, weighing and load management, towing, etc.  So, instead of trying to learn about all of these things by trial and error – we’ve decided to go to the March 2017 bootcamp which is supposed to be in Tucson, AZ.

The NRVIA seminar was also about helping new time RVers in choosing the right RV. Turns out that Mariel and I have already thought about most of what this gentleman discussed; but it was good to have our information and ideas validated.

He also talked about getting the RV inspected (and that is this person’s business so you’d expect a talk about this).  It’s like having a home inspection on the RV you’ll be living in. A good idea, except I generally have enough do-it-yourself experience with our house and enough mechanical experience as an ex-nuclear engineer to be able to do this on my own with one caveat: getting the diesel engine checked including fluid analysis prior to buying the RV.

He also provided information about how to get into this business which could be a great income earner while full timing.  After some thought on this, we decided NOT to go this route.

So… there you have it… my thoughts on our first RV super show.  There was a LOT more to see and think about; but the seminars caught and grabbed my attention the most.  I’m sure Mariel will discuss the actual RVs we walked through (and dreamed about).


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  1. We love going to RV shows too! Glad to see that you like the Allegro REDs. I just wrote a blog about our RED now that we have lived in it for a year. You might be interested in reading it at

  2. RV shows are fun to attend. I’ve never been to a seminar at one but I’ll have to check the schedule next time… Even though we just got our new 5th wheel in March, and aren’t going to buy anything else anytime soon, it’s still fun to look and get ideas. We just missed the one in Fort Worth (got down here the day it was ending)…

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