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While reading one of the blogs I follow (by Sieze the Day RV Adventure) I came across a hobby that I once tried (back before cell phones had GPS)… Geocaching.

It’s a modern day version of treasure hunting (or hide and seek) using GPS coordinates.  Someone usually hides a little treasure box or log out and about and posts the coordinates on

As a finder, you can set up a free account and download an app to your phone which helps you find the locations.  I usually thought of these locations as being out in the wilderness; but there are also locations in the cities and towns. And there are literally thousands of these little caches scattered throughout the world!

So far, Mariel and I have found four of these little treasures. Mostly they have been places where you can write your name in a log.  In our last find, however, we found what is called a trackable travel bug.

These bugs are dogtag like pieces with codes on them that allow you to track where the bug has been (since people that find it are asked to log where they find it and where they drop it off at).  Turns out the bug I found was originally hid in Germany last year and then made it to Sweden when it dropped off the face of the planet.  Lo and behold… we found it in a cemetery near Aztec, NM!  We’ll be hiding it in a cache somewhere closer to a population center since the goal of this travel bug is to make it back to Sweden!

Geocaching travel bug found in New Mexico on its way to Sweden!

Here’s an interesting note!  Mariel finds these caches so much more easily than I do.  I can get us into the right area; but Mariel’s eyes are sharp!  She’s found three of the four so far.  It’s not really a competition on who can find them first  never mind that – yes it is a competition!

So… it’s an interesting new hobby we’ll be playing at for a while. It gives us a goal to work towards while walking which makes it “easier” to actually get out of the house to exercise! You can check out our Geocaching profile here.

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide if I should hold onto our metal detector or sell it off. I only use it about once a year. Although a little off topic from GEO cashing, it got me to thinking about if metal detecting would be a hobby I finally have time for.

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