First Room – Complete

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Well, as you may know, we are planning on selling the house to buy an RV for the next stage of our life.  And one of my concerns is how easy the house will sell. So, I’ve been wanting to fix some of those things that Mariel and I have been living with. Recently, we finished the living room.

Living Room - Prepped
Prepping the living room to repair and repaint the walls and ceiling and redo the floors.

With our old wood stove we would occasionally have smoke fill the house leaving the walls in the living room a bit dingy. There was also some patch work needed in the sheetrock of the walls and ceiling! So, I patched all the holes and repainted the walls and the ceiling.

Also, several years ago, we pulled out the old carpet and replaced it with sticky tiles as a temporary fix.  The tiles lasted a few years (odd definition of “temporary”).  But I installed those poorly and it was showing. So we bought some carpet tiles and adhesive to give us a new floor.

Living Room - In Progress
Working on the living room floor

Finally, we swept the wood and log walls in the room and added some trim as the finishing touch.

Livingroom - After
The living room after the repaint and recarpet.

So there you have it. The first room is done.  It looks much nicer!

Next step – some roof flashing work!

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